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Degradation of Humanity within Humans

Degradation of Humanity within Humans

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  10 Jun 2018 11:30 PM GMT

Bishaldeep Kakati

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A few days back, a cartoon became quite viral over social media and that cartoon was adored and liked by one and all because it depicted something quite true – an emphasis on the harsh reality of today’s world. In that cartoon, the cartoonist drew an animated chimpanzee that was kept in a cage, and that chimpanzee was catching the neck of a crude caricature of Charles Darwin (famous naturalist and biologist who proposed the Theory of Evolution). Further, the cartoon structure of the chimpanzee in an angry mood was found conversing with the caricature of Charles Darwin as, “I completely oppose your Theory of Evolution Darwin. I have not evolved myself to turn into those so-called social or knowledgeable beings known as humans, or in other words a terrorist, a murderer or a killer who kills his or her own brother or sisters.” And that particular piece of cartoon indeed depicted the barbarous reality of humanity and the prevailing dissonant scenery. And although without words, the cartoonist with his picture delineated something very crucial, which if not changed for good, can destroy the entire human race.

The entire intensive and scrupulous deliberation is intentionally brought in to focus on the fact that the brutal killing of humans by humans was once again witnessed by the bevy, bringing into notice the sad reality that like every time, humanity once again encountered a painful death. The incident referred above so happened when two persons, namely Abhijit Nath (an engineer and a businessman by profession) and Nilutpal Das (a sound engineer and musician) decided to visit the land of Karbi Anglong to witness its lavishly bestowed natural beauty full of flora and fauna.

A rumour circulated in the village that the two were kidnappers and they have come only to kidnap the local children. As a result of which the local villagers gathered around them, vandalized their vehicle, thrashed them blue and black mercilessly with sticks and weapons, dragging them with their hair or as they wished, which eventually led to the death of the two innocent souls.

However when the hounourable District Commissioner of Karbi Anglong was asked to comment upon this horrendous act, he in a surprising way said that the two persons before going to that village should have informed the police station beforehand. But then the Indian Constitution guarantees to all its citizens freedom to move to any part of India without laying down any obligations like taking permission from the concerned authority before visiting a place. And if that place was unsafe, then the baffling thing is that: why was a banner or poster not placed in that particular village stating that the place was unsafe to visit after 6 pm?

The second thing that has come out of this entire incident is that the two were killed because they donned a different look; one of them also had long hair, which gave an impression to the locals that they were kidnappers. And one of the sources even revealed that there was a rumour circulating in the village that some kidnappers would come and kidnap their children and that is the reason they were thought to be kidnapers.

Furthermore, this is not the first time when an incident of such magnitude has occurred in Karbi Anglong. Back in 2013, a student Jhankar Saikia and his father were also mob-lynched due to altercation between them and some auto drivers over the auto fare.

However, after this atrocious act, the concerned citizens of Assam should be careful enough to not to do something that might lead to communal separation. They should also ensure that the criminals are arrested and apt punishment is given to them. But then they should not blame the entire Karbi fraternity for this barbarian act, rather should try to keep all the communities united with common brotherhood and harmony.

The government and the people should once again amalgamate as one to promote peace and harmony in the state and prevent killings and murders in the name of superstitions, beliefs, rumours, wrong information, caste, creed or community. If that happens, Assam will forever remain a land where nature has lavishly bestowed her belongings, highlighting the much required quietude and consonance.

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