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Derogatory Comments from Frustrated Leaders


With the striking down of Article 370 from the Jammu & Kashmir, discrimination meted out to the people of the rest of the country has been fulfilled. At a time when the people of the country are rejoicing over the issue, certain political leaders particularly of Congress passing comments toeing the line of Pakistan smack of their preposterous mindset. Besides tarnishing the image of the oldest political party of India, such comments are sure to arouse anti-Indian feeling among a section of  youths. A few such youths have been nabbed by Police, meanwhile for uploading pro-Pakistan comments in the Facebook. When the people are feeling a sense of ‘Oneness’ with the removal of the Article 370, when people are up in arms against the evil forces that are constantly trying to destabilize India, when the Pugnacious neighbouring country Pakistan is clamoring to stage a war against India over the issue, when the two political parties of Kashmir—National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party are casting aspersions on India—— the comment of the Congress leaders are really unfortunate.

Ashok Bordoloi,