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Early School Timings

School Timings

Recently the Chief Minister of Assam made an appeal to schools in the State to start early in the morning. This is highly welcome. The schools in Assam start late compared to other states in the country. The vernacular schools start even later.

Elsewhere in the country, and even in the metropolitan cities where students have to travel long distances, schools start early. This helps in many ways – (1) students get more daytime for various activities, (2) schools avoid normal office timings, etc.

The sun rises earlier in this part of the country, and it is prudent that we use daylight to the maximum extent possible. Educational institutions should be nudged so that they start early and end early.

The Central government has not yet agreed to a separate time zone for this part of the country. It has, however, given a free hand to have a choice of timings. It is important that we use daylight and energy to the maximum extent possible, instead of following the timing of rest of India. Even the State government offices can start early, say by 8.30 am, and thus end the day by 3.30 pm. This would be a prudent move for the benefit of the general populace.

A Bhuyan,


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