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Empathy is essential

In today’s fast world most people have become so self-centred that they can’t see or feel what another person is going through.

Empathy is essential

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  4 Sep 2022 5:17 AM GMT

Dr Suman Bharali


In today's fast world most people have become so self-centred that they can't see or feel what another person is going through. Their goals are too high, and the time is very less to accomplish them. People want to become famous, have a lot of money, possess the best materials and lead a glamorous lifestyle to feel ahead of others. Their mind is preoccupied with their own opinion and targets, and have no space for accepting others' perspective. Their physical body is present in a place and the mind is roaming somewhere else. Even if someone is opening up their heart in front of them, they can't grasp what they are telling. People want to extract the maximum out of a person for their benefit, being unaware of the consequences of it on the person. They might be physically exhausted, mentally restless and emotionally depleted.

So, one should be aware of the time and space they are in. One should be present fully at the moment, trying to be detached from past impressions or future imagination. So that they can be conscious of the condition of the people close to them. They should look at people with compassion and hear what they are saying to understand. It might be a family member, a friend, a colleague, a person living nearby or a stranger. Everybody is on their journey in life and it gets rough sometimes. It might be due to a disease, an accident, old age, loneliness, social disharmony, family issues, financial crisis, loss of a loved one, failing in realizing a dream or in study or career.

Only listening to a person in distress sincerely, elevates their faith and gives them strength. They feel that their voice is heard, their feelings are understood and they are not alone. Their fear is reduced thinking that somebody is beside them in the dark path they are going through at the time. If a person in trouble is told that 'don't worry I or we are with you in this hard time. His or her faith becomes strong and they see a ray of hope amidst doubt and darkness. Whatsoever might be the reason, if a person is embraced and consoled at hard times, their confidence is boosted and they can fight the situation to get out of it. Otherwise, if ignored and isolated at that time the person can lose self-confidence and break down in a manner that he or she could not rise again. A healthy community is where every individual is healthy, happy and peaceful. Whether it is an educational institute, an office, a home, a neighbourhood or any other place people meet each other. If everyone supports and takes care of each other, nobody will feel weak in hard times.

No work is small or great but every job has its importance. For example, a hospital can't be functioning properly in the absence of a cleaner. A sword has its value and a needle has its own. So, one should see everyone equally as a human rather than differentiating them according to the role they are playing. One cannot bring force a person to perform better by pressurizing or threatening them. But everyone does their best when they are physically fit, and mentally peaceful when their spirit is boosted when they love the job and feel connected with the place. For that, the co-workers and the employers should understand the person and make him feel an essential part of the team and that he or she is not alone in any tough situation. One should be able to do his duty without any bondage or pressure and should be appreciated for any good work. So that, they will be motivated to do better.

Life is full of miseries, and everyone is fighting their battles. Some are under the burden of responsibilities, some are facing social insecurity, some are going through grief, some are facing an existential crisis, and some are demotivated due to previous setbacks. Only when a person becomes mentally liberated from all bondages, he or she can take care of himself, love himself and find his or her potential and see self-worth. Once it happens the person gives his or her best performance. Otherwise, most people do their job only to get it done somehow within time instead of trying to do it in the best possible way.

Many people live in their imaginary world away from reality. They are mesmerized by the glamour and lifestyle of celebrities and rich people. They get enthralled by the success of a person. But they remain unaware of the hustle, sacrifices and pain an athlete goes through to win a medal in an international event. Dedication, consistency, hard work and time are needed for any craft or art to become world-class. An actor has to keep his or her body fit, and attractive and develop different skills to be competent. Similarly, business becomes successful after years of sincere efforts. Life is a process of evolution and every person should improve with time. For that one has to have patience, and faith and act accordingly. Most people want overnight success and quick fixes to all their problems in life. But it is not so simple. One has to go through severe penance and austerity to be successful.

Social media is always full of posts and pictures about other people's success stories or best moments. The edited best content is uploaded by everyone. It does not mean they are always having the same pleasure in life. So, one should not be misled by the illusions of the virtual world. Nothing is permanent, the illusions of the material world are temporary. Someone may gather a lot of wealth in a short period by unfair means. People get insecure seeing their presentation and develop self-pity. They lose self-confidence and self-worth by looking at others' progress. But what comes quick by unfair means doesn't give lasting peace and happiness. When caught for corruption or illegal trade such people end up in jail before they could enjoy their possessions.

Empathy is essential for the human race. Empty can bring up social security for everybody. If the weak and underprivileged are looked after by those who are capable there will be fewer sufferings around us. If the old people are taken care of by the young, they will never feel neglected, lonely or worthless. Similarly, if the children and women can roam and do their activities without fear or hesitation than then society will be more secure and will prosper. It may be hard for a single man to do a tough task, but if more people offer help, one can do any work sooner and easily. People can come together to help a person in crisis to overcome a tough situation. When each one is empathetic towards the other then every individual is secure.

Humans have consciousness and understand the Universe. Not only humans but we can feel the pain of animals, plants, nature, earth and the Universe. Some people take sadistic pleasure in others' pain and suffering. But it should be understood that time is the great healer and is mighty. The person who is in trouble today may recover tomorrow and the people laughing at him or her may suffer differently later. So, we need to be grateful for what we have and who is with us. We need to focus on self-improvement and progress with time. While completing our journey of life we should take care of people in need, as much as we can. We should find our strengths and potential and utilize them for making the world a better place.

The final destination of everyone is the same. Some reach earlier and some reach later. Some have a smooth ride and some experience a bit of turbulence. Before birth and after death there is a void; in between these there are events we can't avoid. So, knowing that we all are in this world for a short period; also, we are negligible in terms of matter in the Universe. So, we should co-exist in harmony. Understanding that all humans are mortals and leave this world one day, no matter what they do. So, people should drop their egos and avoid unnecessary conflicts, which take away the peace and joy in our limited life span. Every living has an equal right to flourish to its maximum potential and to live fully and happily. Life is a journey an all humans are co-passengers we should enjoy the journey by taking care of each other rather than competing and comparing. Jealousy, hatred, lust, greed all these are just spoilers in the delicacy of life. We should discard them and savour every flavour of life.

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