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Entrance Exam 2019 for Admission to PhD


Through your esteem daily, The Sentinel, I would like to highlight the following for public interest. The entrance test for admission to the PhD programme under Social Work Department of Tezpur University held on June 2, 2019 at various exam centres of the north-eastern region and other places. The results of the aforesaid test published by the HOD concerned with names and Roll No. of 20 shortlisted candidates of all categories (SC, ST, OBC, Gen etc). The shortlisted candidates were also requested to be present for the interview in the Department concerned on June 21, 2019 along with relevant original documents and a set of copy thereof, for verification. However, It is surprising to note that from the above shortlisted serial number 1 to 20 candidates prepared by the university Department itself found no space in the selected list for admission to the PhD programme of the Social Work Department as published in the university website vide Notification No.F.13-5/5/2004(Acad)/639 dated 5/7/2019.

The matter of the fact is that the wisdom of the selection panel either ignored the shortlisted candidates or could not even find a suitable or eligible candidate from amongst the above-shortlisted candidates prepared by the Department concerned contradicts itself. For transparency, equity and natural justice, those who qualified in the entrance test and shortlisted in order of merit should also have a space for admission in proportionate manner, otherwise, the whole process of holding the entrance test (at the cost of huge amount of government exchequer) would be meaningless or namesake only. On the other hand, unnecessary spending of guardians’ hard-earned money to prepare for entrance test by their wards’ hard labour appears to be futile. This may also hamper the reputation in the academic arena.

Arun Kr. Sinha,

([email protected])