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Fate of Guwahati Ropeway Project


The Guwahati Ropeway Project, which was sanctioned to the GMDA in as early as 2006, is still eluding its benefits to the common man hassled by the lack of avenues for travelling to and from the north-south banks of the city due to its inoperability even today, after the passing of 14-long years.

Sri Siddhartha Bhattacharya, Minister GDD, even expressed stern disapproval regarding the lack of progress concerning the developmental projects under the purview of the GMDA at a review meeting in May of 2018.

In addition, local media establishments declared that the ropeway is likely to be operational by February of 2019 after being given what can now be confirmed to be faux assurance by the authorities concerned.

We have now reached the ending of January 2020 and the formal announcement regarding its operability keeps being fast forwarded by authorities concerned without the fear of ignominy or guilt.

People of the city who were promised this facility ages ago are now starting to lose confidence and patience, especially those who had hoped of reducing the duration of their travel from the opposite poles of the city to commute to and from work every day.

This problem only increases exponentially during the monsoon season which plagues the city every year with overbearing problems of floods and a rise in the levels of the river  Brahmaputra, rendering ferry services immobile and consequently forcing commuters to use road transportation which only exacerbates their travel difficulties.

It should be incumbent upon the GMDA and the GDD to address this burgeoning issue and take responsibility.

Gaurav Agarwal,