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gaon incident

gaon incident

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  6 Sep 2017 12:00 AM GMT

gaon incident

What has happened in gaon recently is absolutely condemble. The CCTV footage would suffice to tell the truth. If SULFA men demanded money from a Bengali businessman, then the district administration should have been informed, rather than taking of law into own hands.

Surprisingly, everything happened under the nose of two ‘responsible’ police officials. Therefore, firstly, the State government should take stern discipliry action against the two errant police officials for plotting the incident. Secondly, the belligerent Bengali group is responsible for creating trouble without considering its consequences.

Had there been no CCTV footage, people in general would have even condemned the SULFAs. However, the Bengali community of Assam should not suffer for the misdemeanor of a few. With a view to maintain peace and tranquility in the State, this should be considered as an isolated incident.

On the other hand, SULFAs should not take Assamese people for granted. Frankly speaking, people have lost faith on the banned insurgent group ULFA and SULFA long back.

This apart, demanding dotion and money from businessmen has become a culture across the country. All ‘social’ organizations and all political parties demand dotions from businessmen. The businessmen dote handsomely to all political parties in general, and to the ruling party in particular, to get favours in turn. Actually all are birds of the same feather. The only difference is in their modus operandi. When ULFA/SULFA were a force to reckon with, they used to extract hefty amount of money from individuals or from businessmen at gunpoint. Now, the SULFAs are a spent force and as such they have been beaten black and blue as thieves in their own State. Sad, indeed! If SULFAs want to refurbish their image in the eyes of the people, they need to work hard for the greater public good. My request to them is --- Go to the flood-affected people. Help them build their houses and rejuvete their agricultural land. Please, engage yourself in constructive activities to earn your livelihood. Live by example. The Assamese people will embrace you again!

Prafulla Dowarah,


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