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Grotesque shaking of motherland: Need to wash off inhumanity

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  27 Jun 2018 11:30 PM GMT

Jitendra Deka

(The Writer can be reached at [email protected])

Humanity being the naturally adorned attire of humans regardless of any community or creed , inhumanity too is widespread regardless of community, creed or racial distribution. In the era of scientific marvels, where humans are capable of finding solution to every fact through rigorous research and exploration and the earth has been a land of deep and widespread discoveries, how inhumanity can put an end to the fame the world has earned through centuries is insane to see and believe. Mob lynching in the name of superstition, religious sentiments etc. characterises inhumanity in blood and contributes towards defaming the world where milk of human kindness runs.

The glory and the rich cultural heritage of Assam encompassing hundreds of community and cultural niche were subjected to inhuman assault recently leading to the entire region taking to condemnation in the strongest terms while demanding that no stone be left unturned to facilitate the law to take its own course. The brutal killing of two youths from Guwahati, Nilotpal Das and Abhijit Nath in the Dokmoka region of Karbi Anglong district of Assam last week has evoked protests not only in the region but also in far off countries like Russia. But, what is the root of such evils on earth should be well understood. It is not any specific land, where inhumanity lives; it is the whole world, where such notoriety exists. Superstition, known as one of the reasons of the brutal killing thus has come to the focus of everyone’s eyes. Brutal killing due to superstition, witchcraft, communal sentiments, religion etc. have become so abundant in the world today that we are in dire need of stopping such waves from attacking us anymore.

If an analysis is made, one very common thing that comes to the notice the spread of rumors by digital communication. Although percentage of internet penetration in India has been significantly less compared to other countries of the world, what we have is more than enough to create any major or minor social havoc through mismanaged internet communication. Therefore, the stakeholders should take necessary action to wash off the digital illiteracy to awaken the people in the way of civilization.

Another important feature to bring positivity to a land where superstition exists is the strengthening of the administrative and policing framework. Hilly areas, riverine shores, remote areas etc. are being the areas with sparsely distributed population need more understanding by the administration. Most of the times, it is believed that due to lack of social interaction between police, administration and the local people, such incidents of mob lynching get created and infuriate the world. Through such pathetic condition of humans, where freedom in the movement in our own motherland has become scary , our administrative and policing framework should learn how unsuccessful they are safeguarding the state and should remember that the necessary action needs to be taken.

Apart from administrative support, some independent initiatives the educational institutions, societies, NGOs, clubs etc. should take, where regular hosting of public meetings in the areas prone to superstition is of utmost need. The Gaonburha, leaders of the Gram Panchayat, eminent figures etc. should be well be involved in the journey, where appeals should be made in the cultural, artistic, literary forms.

Another ground shaking incident of inhumanity happened in the district of Karbi Anglong in the years 2013, where a young boy named Jhankar Saikia was brutally killed in the Diphu town. It is worrisome to believe that the culprits involved in the said incident have not yet been punished and the process of justice is still being delayed. Delaying the justice process not only gives a scope to manifold increase of incidents involved in inhumanity, but also stands as a threat to the system called ‘Law’.

Communal riot is another very striking feature which happens basically in post mob lynching period which the administration, social structure, educational institutions should nullify. It has come to the notice that natives of Karbi Anglong district spread across various corners of Assam are under the threat of some anti-social whose prime aim is to create a notorious fame in the socio-political framework of Assam. Defaming the entire community for some culprits being convicted of mob lynching is another worrisome action of inhumanity, which has every possibility to ward off the little breathing space we have in the world of humans.

Mass protestation in the innterest of justice for the departed souls has a great role to play in the said incident. It is the duty of the artistes, writers, cultural activists and other social heroes of all fields to assemble on one common ground in search of justice. Not only that, the welfare organizations of the state should be so active and various human rights organizations must be on their toes and pressurize the system to come out with a strict judgment. And the appeal should be sustainable and ground shaking. Hope the concerned authorizes hear our voices and washe off inhumanity by giving justice to the departed souls.

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