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Historic ghat of Devi Singh in danger: Letters to The Editor

Devi Singh Ghat is a widely known tourist spot with incredible scenic beauty by the bank of the mighty Brahmaputra River near the city of Tezpur.

Letters to The Editor

Sentinel Digital Desk

Historic ghat of Devi Singh in danger

Devi Singh Ghat is a widely known tourist spot with incredible scenic beauty by the bank of the mighty Brahmaputra River near the city of Tezpur. During Britsh Rule, there was an employee of the British government named Devi Singh whose duty was to light a lamp on a rock in the middle of the river Brahmaputra. The 'Ghat' was named Devi Singh Ghat in his memory. It is one of the most beautiful sunset spots across Assam. It is also a popular picnic spot. As a resident of Tezpur, I used to visit the place regularly. I feel immense pleasure when visiting the ghat keeping myself away from the mechanical life. But the fast soil erosion by the river here becomes a great threat to the old-aged heritage spot. For the last two years, a large area has been gobbled up by the mighty Brahmaputra.

So I urge the government and the district administration of Sonitpur to take immediate steps to save our beautiful historic spot.

Aditya Ankur Nath,


Supply gap

India's COVID-19 vaccination drive has been completed six months, but less than 6 per cent of the country's population has been fully inoculated so far. Among the worst-hit countries, Brazil and Russia are also doing better than India. The statistics are even more worrying when it comes to the average daily inoculation, which has been on the decline since June 21, when the new phase of universal vaccination was launched.

Chandan Kumar Nath,


Gross injustice

Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award of the nation is offered to any civilian for his/her outstanding contributions towards the nation. Persons from various spheres of life are usually nominated for the final selection. Going by the records it seems one name from the sports fraternity, late Major Dhyanchand also known as 'Hockey Wizard' is yet to be conferred with the prestigious honour. His contributions in the field of Hockey are unparallel which we every Indian relish with great pride. His wizardry with the hockey stick which once mesmerized the entire hockey playing nations of the world including Hitler during the Berlin Olympics is still fresh in our mind. Decorating Sachin Tendulkar with Bharat Ratna at the expense of Lt. Dhyanchand doesn't look fair as a gold medal or any other medal in Olympic Games and a certain number of centuries in a game like Cricket played only among the Commonwealth countries make a lot of difference. Maybe, because of glamour and cash which is there in Cricket made Tendulkar the ultimate choice, apart from the political support of the then government at the Centre. Before parting, I as an impartial sports lover of the nation, also salute Sachin Tendulkar and Kapil Dev for their outstanding contributions to Indian cricket.

Lanu Dutt Chowdhury,


Guwahati's Hills

The editorial piece titled 'Guwahati's Hills' in The Sentinel on July 18 has spoken my mind out. In the early 2000s when I used to visit my Jethai's house in Guwahati I was welcomed by lush green hills on both sides of the road which filled my mind with positivity and happiness. But gradually this green cover was taken over by houses of illegal encroachers. Now, whenever I visit the State capital I am welcomed by the bland brown landscape instead of happy green. The Assam government's decision to stop these inhuman blows on nature is laudable. The 24x7 monitoring of the area will also be a blow to the illegal land dealers and soil contractors who are destroying the landscape for their gains. Guwahati is the gateway to the entire north-eastern region; it is our responsibility to preserve each and everything that it stands for. We all welcome this exemplary step taken by the Assam government with open hands.

Noopur Baruah,


Calling spade a spade

I thought the left and radical gangs would criticize Hamas terrorists when the daughter of India Soumya Santhosh was killed in Israel by Palestine's terrorist organization. Soumya Santhosh hails from Kerala where the Leftists regime is in power but instead of mourning her death, the leftists' gang trolled her for working in Israel. Now recently, Danish Siddique, a photojournalist by profession was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan while he was reporting from ground zero. Here too I noticed that the left ecosystem blamed one to all including the guns and bullets but the Taliban. The Leftists lecture on freedom of speech; but, when their freedom is at stake they put the blame on others and in the process spare their real enemies. In the name of freedom of speech they can clap on azaadi songs like 'Bharat tere tukde tukde honge' etc, mock Hindu deities to present them as intelligent and forward-looking but in reality, they have become a burden on the whole universe. Spreading false propaganda, creating unrest, airing anti-Hindu statements and destroying public properties in the name of protests are their only agendas.

Julie Bhuyan,


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