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Importance of Yoga for students and youths

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  15 Jun 2015 12:00 AM GMT

By Amar Krish Paul

Our great tion is currently advocating pleas for popularising Yoga throughout the world. In his maiden address at the United tions General Assembly, Prime Minister rendra Modi proposed to celebrate “June 21 as the Intertiol Yoga Day”. Giving a prompt response to his proposal the UN General Assembly has declared June 21 as the Intertiol Yoga Day. That is, the newest development is a matter of pride for all those who are directly or indirectly connected with Yogic Science in Northeast India as the world is celebrating the first ever Intertiol Yoga Day on June 21, 2015.

The First Intertiol Yoga Day Celebration Committee, Assam is celebrating the Intertiol Yoga Day on June 21, 2015 at the premises of Guwahati Medical College Auditorium with a day-long programme on Yogic Science with active participation of Yoga workers from various parts of Northeast India. This programme is being organised in collaboration with the Central Council for Research in Yoga and turopathy (CCRYN) under the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi will iugurate the ceremonial function of the Open Session. Union Minister of State for Youth & Sports, Sarbanda Sonowal will also attend the iugural ceremony.

The Vedas, the oldest literature of the world, tell many things about Yogic Science. That is, Yoga is one of the oldest sciences on the planet Earth. To me, Yoga is not only the highest Physical Science, but also a part of Spiritual Science. India is the birth place of Yogic Science. Therefore, it is the duty of all Indians to practice and propogate Yoga far and wide.

There are mainly three types of Yoga- systems. They are as follows:

(i) Hatha Yoga;

(ii) Raja Yoga; and

(iii) Vedic Yoga.

If you practice Hatha Yoga then most of your diseases will be cured to a great extent. It will also help you to live as many as 125 years without diseases and without sentility.

We have modified ancient Yoga system and invented a large number of new Yoga processes so that everyone can practice them very easily. If this Yoga is introduced throughout the world, there will be no necessity of medicine, expensive treatment and hospitals.

Yoga is a sound system of performing work successfully. You can take the help of Yoga to develop your human (interl) qualities physically, mentally and spiritually. Yoga is the greatest contribution of the sages and saints of India. In the past, there were high-level research and developement activities. As a result, Indian Yoga culture has perfectly been developed as a Physical Science over the years.

With a view to extending a helping hand to the student community, the India Yoga Culture and Yoga Therapy Centre, Maligaon, Guwahati, has launched a set of comprehensive schemes. In a chat with this writer, Yogacharya Subhasish, Founder President, Indian Yoga Culture and Yoga Therapy Centre, Maligaon, Guwahati, furnished some vital points for Yoga practitioners:

1. One should practice Yoga wearing a clean and sufficiently loose dress on a mat on the floor of a house or in the open field after completing toilet (urine passing) work and having a littlee drinking water (ushapan).

2. Neat, clean and open field is suitable for practicing Yoga. One should not practice Yoga in a place where there are extreme winds, too much heat or cold or a wet place. One has to open the doors and windows if he or she practicies Yoga in the house itself.

3. One may take bath 30-40 minutes before or after completing Yoga asas.

4. The practitioner may take food after 20-25 minutes of performing Yoga asas.

5. If you have limited time for practicing Yoga, then practice two or three asas attentively and perfectly. You should not do many asas hurriedly.

6. Practice Yoga after fixing a blanket or mat on the plain floor.

7. You should not practice Yoga forcing your body to suit the toughest asa. Take time to make your body and limbs sufficiently flexible.

8. Rub your body with a towel or hankerchief if there is sweating during the practice of asas.

9. Initially, you should start with easy asas. If you find difficulty or get pain in performing some particular Asans then you stop immediately. You should not resume those Asans until and unless your pain is over.

10. You should not practice asas, prayam or mudra on a full stomach. You should do the Asans after 3-4 hours interval of having main meal.

11. Prescribe specific Yoga asa after a thorough and proper diagnosis of the weak glands of the body.

12. Weak persons and paitents should practice Shabasan for 2-3 minutes after every asa and relax for 2-3 minutes after doing a mudra or prayam.

13. All trainees should practice Yoga under the effective guidance of a Yoga teacher for a few days.

14. Yoga can be practiced by persons aged ranging from 5 years to 80 years. But Yoga for the people aged below 12 years and above 50 years vary (from person to person). In a such a special case, one should take the advice and guidance of a Yoga teacher.

15. All Yoga practitioners should take vegetarian diets. They must take food before 12 noon and by 9 PM at night.

Today’s student is the citizen of tomorrow. In order to make India strong and advanced, students should be properly guided and trained with Yoga for ensuring a balanced growth physically, mentally and intellectually.

There is currently industrial pollution, ethical degradation, impurity, large-scale corruption, etc. in the society. These bad elements are adversely affecting the all-round developemnt of the youth and sudent community. For creating a congenial atmosphere for the youths and students of India, Yoga is the best pacea. Besides Yogic Science to emanicipate the youths and students of the country, there is no other best altertive.

Modern Science has greatly helped human society to maintain a high standard of living. But it has not helped us maintain good health and furnish any protection from various diseases. It is only Yogic Science which can help us not only to be healthy but also boost our mental power, will power, etc. Will power helps us become a successful person in life.

Modern medicines paly a vital role in curing different diseases but there is also a number of side-effects. Many poor people can’t buy costly medicines. So they are compelled to suffer from many diseases without proper treatment and meet untimely deaths. Poor people sell out their properties for highly expensive and prolonged treatment. On the contrary, one has to spend very less money for curing a disease with the help of Yoga. So, it is the call of time that Yoga should be studied and practiced by all.

The youths and student community can play a pivotal role in spreading the messages of Yoga. Therefore, we request them to join in Yoga camps and classes in a big way and build India as a developed tion.

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