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Issues in India

India is a developing country and many issues still remain to be addressed for her to become a developed country.


Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  9 Aug 2020 1:09 AM GMT

India is a developing country and many issues still remain to be addressed for her to become a developed country.

Our country is made up of States and UTs, each having its own developing saga and share of miseries. Each has a different problem and the way of tackling them is different.

Regional politics, it is felt, is the need of the hour. In fact, in the past decades, it can be seen that those States having regional parties in power have developed their respective States with due cooperation from the Centre. Regional parties have the feel and since they are local, have the first hand knowledge of the problems or sufferings. Also, since they are local, way of addressing the issue also gets priority, being sons of the soil. The region's interest comes first and many problems can get permanent solutions. Orissa is a perfect example in this case and the way the State has progressed in the last few years is there for all of us to see. We need foresighted leaders.

If regional parties come to the fore, leaving their personal enmities behind with a will to serve the people, it can benefit the people to a large extent, making their economic and living conditions better.

That way, they will get the blessings of the masses and the harvest will be reaped by our future generations. Everyone of us owes to the society we live in and we have to return to it. In fact, we are indebted to our future generations and it is an uphill task to provide for them a secure future.

COVID-19 has shown that its effects have not simply been confined to its place of origin, rather the virus spread its bloody tentacles all throughout the world destroying many families, uprooting many establishments, enforcing lockdown. This proves the world is a small place and physical boundaries do not matter in the larger realm of things.

One step forward by the State will take the nation one step forward and ultimately the whole nation will usher in the world of a developed country. Lots are still to be done in respect of employment, health, housing etc.

A single step by each and every citizen of this region with a national outlook will create a positive and progressive democracy where the mass dictates their masters.

Purabi P Barua,


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