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Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  5 Feb 2018 12:00 AM GMT

False Culture

It is surprising that Guwahati still remains dirty and there has been so much show business in the me of the Global Investor's Meet. It is true that such meets are important for a region deprived of major investments but some reality must also be understood. At other times Guwahati dry remains and with no decoration but when such meets are organized our politicians want to project a false picture of the city and the entire Northeast region. Such falsehood must be condemned. We want development. We want investment to come in. But it should be at all times, not just when great events are organized. The civil society must raise its voice against such false culture.

Rupesh Barua,

Chandmari, Guwahati-3.

Disturbing Trend

The rising crime graph in Guwahati is a matter of serious concern but our authorities seem to be sleeping, Daylight robbery is now commonplace. Even people living in flats are not safe. Earlier people used to prefer flats to Assam-type houses, but now they are unwilling to even get accommodation in flats. So in that sense they have nowhere to go. This is a strange situation.

Then take the rising crime against women. They are scared to come after sunset. Rape cases are on the rise. The sad part of the story is that some illegal Bangaldeshis are reportedly behind most of these crimes. The government keeps talking of evicting them or throwing them out to Bangladesh, but nothing concrete has happened so far. It seems even after the publication of the NRC the illegal Bangladeshis may not be deported to Bangladesh. If this is indeed the case, the future of Assam is very dark.

But my real point is that at least the police can be proactive to prevent crimes from taking place by strengthening their intelligence systems. It is said that due to lack of proper intelligence that most crimes are taking place. This is the general public perception. This perception must be changed for people to feel safe. Otherwise we shall be living in a very unsafe society. This will be very unfortute.

Rita Sarania,

Bhangagarh, Guwahati-5.

Stray Dog Mece

One of the threats that Guwahatians face is from stray dogs when they go for morning walk. I am a 70-year-old man. Since I am a diabetic I must take to morning walk every day. It is also a fact that I love morning walk. It gives me a fresh lease of life and keeps me fresh for the rest of the day. But the biggest problem I face is from stray dogs. They are all over every street every morning everywhere. Some of them are also mad. Now it seems I have to forget my passion for morning walk. If this happens the worst will happen to me because my sugar level will increase. It will put my life to risk. Therefore, I would like to request the Forest Department to do the needful. In many countries such stray dogs are picked up ensuring everyone's safety. Even the dogs are kept under tender care. If they are mad, they are given proper treatment. Is any such thing possible here?

Sushil Deka,

Beltola, Guwahati-28.

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