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Letters to the Editor: Avoid Road Blockade

Letters to the Editor: Avoid Road Blockade

Sentinel Digital Desk

Avoid road blockade

It has become a regular mode of protest for some non political bodies like AASU, AJYCP, AATSA, etc to block roads in the me of agitation or protest against the government or administration. Actually it has always been the common innocent civilians who are at the receiving end due to such blockades. The MLAs, ministers or the bureaucrats are hardly affected by this mode of protest. Though I don't have the audacity to question these apolitical bodies, it's an earnest appeal to them not to resort to road blockade by keeping in mind of the woes of civilians . By keeping the commuters and travelers as hostages for hours that too due no fault of theirs, is unfair. Before parting I beg to remind the above mentioned apolitical organisations to think logically in this regard. Road blockade simply hurts the common people, nothing else.

Lanu Dutta Chowdhury,

GNB Road Guwahati.

Reservation in private sector

Bihar's Chief Minister has said that he believes in reservation in the private sector 'in principle'. But according to common man like me reservation in private sector would be a disaster for the country. There's no second opinion that the demand of reservation is absurd as reservation of all kinds is a hindrance in the country's economic development. Economically weaker section of the society must be given more opportunities to come up and compete in life but in no case, should there be reservation for anyone. Reservation must be abolished in the tiol interest; politicians should not make reservation for their vote bank politics. It should be seen from tiol perspective. On reservation the present government is no better than previous government in ruining the country's future economic development.

Like taking the strong step of demonetization, the government must take another strong step in abolishing reservation of all kinds. There can be some protests in the short term but in the long term it would benefit the tion in economic progress which will benefit all citizens irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Why then government is waiting to take such an important decision for the welfare of its people, is beyond the grasp of any commoner.

The Indian economy would grow in leaps and bounds if reservation of all kinds is abolished from service sector.

Mahesh Kumar,

New Delhi.

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