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Letters to THE EDITOR

Letters to THE EDITOR

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  16 May 2018 6:30 PM GMT

Brahma Committee Report

The HS Brahma Committee Report on the land rights of the indigenous people of Assam has driven home the point at the right time in the history of the State: that it is the illegal Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh who pose the greatest threat to the existence of the indigenous people of the State. These immigrants have not only encroached upon natural parks in the State such as the world-famous Kaziranga but also xatra lands in several parts of the State. This is dangerous and can spell doom for the entire greater Assamese society, not just the State's ethnic tribes.

The Sarbananda Sonowal government should carefully go through the suggestions of former Chief Election Commissioner HS Brahma and work on it so that the future of the Assamese people is safeguarded and so that Assam does not turn into a greater Bangladesh. This is a natural expectation from a government that calls itself patriotic. Otherwise there will remain no difference between the vote-bank-crazy Congress and the BJP, a so-called party with a difference.

Rakesh Baruah,


A Historic Meeting

Change is what the world or the cosmos is experiencing since time immemorial. Now we experience wonderful, unimaginable changes the world over in environment or ecology .The pollution level is increasing by leaps and bounds and is proving to be detrimental to the health of all living beings.

But change in the mindset of a dogmatic, obstinate blue diehard in the person of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is something miraculous that the entire world is experiencing .This bull-headed dictator of North Korea almost triggered the onset of the third world war by his numerous tests of ICBMs (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles),frequent test explosion of nuclear bombs or weapons, and constant throwing of vituperative language at US President Donald Trump, thereby rocking the fragile boat of peace in the world - these are enough to infer how dangerous he was to world peace.

But much to the relief of the people of the world, one could notice a wonderful change in Kim Jong-un. The good sense prevailing in him perhaps prompted this dictator to agree to sit with the US President. A neutral venue, Singapore, and date, June 12, have been fixed for the meeting. For the first time in the history of the world, an American President will hold a meeting with the dictator of North Korea. Thanks go to the South Korean leadership, which after a landmark meeting with its North Korean counterpart, could be instrumental in proposing to hold the meeting of the US with North Korea.

Pyongyang's nuclear programme apart, it remains to be seen what would be the outcome of the proposed talks. North Korea will definitely try to get international sanctions imposed by the UN, US and the European Union (EU) slackened.

As a result of the numerous nuclear programmes undertaken by North Korea, the country is passing through a quandary, having been bogged down by financial crunch that it likes to ease through the proposed meeting The whole of the world, particularly South Korea, China, Russia, EU, and Japan, among others, are specifically concerned about the outcome of the proposed meeting, wishing it to be successful.

Ashok Bordoloi,


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