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Letters To The Editor: Tale of Indian Railways

Letters To The Editor: Tale of Indian Railways

Sentinel Digital Desk

Tale of Indian Railways

Time and again, we have been raising the issue of injustice meted out to the unemployed youth of Assam by the Indian Railways. Recently, a news telecast through an electronic channel confirms our contention that how a conspiracy is hatched against the unemployed youth of Assam by a strong anti-Assam lobby of the Railways. The lobby, it seems, has been up and doing in depriving the youth of Assam of railways jobs.

What pains us is the apathetic attitude of Rajen Gohain, the Union Minister of State of Railways. Why cannot he take up the issue with Piyush Goel, the Minister concerned? Does Rajen Gohain suffer from language problem? If not, why the injustice in rendering jobs to the youth of Assam has been allowed to continue under his nose? This time, the Indian Railways changed the earlier rules with modification that for applying in Railways Aadhaar Card is a must. When Government of India exempted the people of Assam from the use of Aadhaar Card in PAN card and bank transaction, the Railways has been maintaining a negative attitude in providing employment to Assam's youth by making Aadhaar card compulsory with effect from January 1, 2018 at the instigation of an anti-Assam lobby. A Union Minister, who cannot pronounce the me of a cabinet minister of Assam correctly (Pallab Lochan as Padma Lochan!), cannot also be expected to come to the rescue of Assams' unemployed youth.

Ashok Bordoloi,


Thanks Mr Madani!

We should thank Mr. Madani for making outrageous comments in Delhi rather than condemning him. From that commul outburst, his intentions have come to the fore. Now the government and people should take extra precautions to deal with the likes of him in future. Any person with such a commul mindset can't be a friend of any community. In the true sense, such persons that belong to any community, religion, language and of any political hue can't be a friend of humanity.

A few years back, the same Madani made most reprehensible remark in an august gathering of minority community in a place near goan town. In that speech, Mr. Madani urged Muslims of Assam to produce more children. His intention was loud and clear. At that time, I don't remember anybody making a hue and cry. If the law permits, Madani should be banned from entering Assam in future. And that's it.

Further, I would like to add that in a democratic country, convening a meeting and attending meetings can't be an offence. One can express one's view without transgressing the permissible limit. I don't think that it is prudent to harass other participants who did not make any commul remarks in the meeting but were sharing the podium with Mr. Madani. What has been happening is obviously, not in good taste.

Prafulla Dowarah,


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