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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  21 Dec 2017 12:00 AM GMT

Digital technology

The excessive dependence on digital technology is likely to create complicacies and problems for the common people sooner or later.

It is improper for an economically developing country to copy a developed country in every aspect. America and Russia are prosperous tions. It is not at all desirable on the part of India to follow in their footsteps in every way.

The tremendous technological growth that has taken place in the country during the past few years is being used for the purpose of wrongful gains by anti-social or unscrupulous elements, instead of creating a new and vibrant society. This is going to make the interests of common people all the more insecure, uneasy and unhappy. The technological change in any country means, by and large, large scale introduction of modern devices in the place of human labour. It gives rise to problems which are not only technical but also economic and social.

It is therefore essential that whenever a large scale technological change is decided in a country, serious consideration should be given to deal with these aspects of change. Of course, no one will stand in the way of our country becoming prosperous, if the prosperity of the country means the general rise in the standard of living of all people.

Further, digital transaction is not easy, convenient or safe for the people living in villages, who are not at all conversant with the process.

Various cyber crimes are increasingly taking place on continuous basis not only in Assam but also in the country as a whole, thereby making the interests of common people all the more insecure and unhappy. The government does not appear to have taken any tangible action in this direction to deal with the situation. The people should, therefore, try to reduce excessive dependence on digital technology as far as practicable. Persolly, I do not at all encourage the adoption of this technology in any manner in view of these circumstances.

Sumit Barkataky,

West Jorhat, Jorhat-785006.

Liquor ban

It is really welcome that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has called for a tionwide ban on liquor. The ban will benefit like keeping crime rate down, road accidents and various diseases. Ban on liquor in the entire country would be a great sign of commul harmony and respect for all religions, particularly Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. This is because in every religion, consumption of liquor is condemned. All states ought to take necessary action to ban liquor consumption, irrespective of political alignment, considering its ill effects on public health.

It is relevant to add in this context that Gujarat has already implemented liquor ban and Bihar has gone for the same.

Putul Sarma,


Biswath Chariali.

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