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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  9 March 2018 12:00 AM GMT

Master defectors

Anti Defection law is totally unheard in other parts of the globe, but is in force in India due to compulsions. The elected representatives very often dupe the gullible electorates after they occupy the seat of power . There are numerous examples where a person after being elected defects to another party instantly without giving any thought to the mandate given by the voters. In Assam, prior to Assembly elections in 2016, three prominent leaders defected to other parties.

The leaders in question are Himanta Biswa Sarma(Congress to BJP), Durga Das Boro (AGP to Congress) and Joyth Sarma (AGP to Congress). Of the three, only Himanta Biswa Sarma is politically vibrant and kicking while the remaining two have faded into the political wilderness.

Himadri Chekanidhara,

Bihpuria, North Lakhimpur.

Tough time ahead for BJP

The coming days may very much be like living under the illusion that the saffron wave has swept the North-eastern region, known for its inguistic diversities and a host of tribal communities. Nor could it mean a consent to the rightist ideology of a homogenous society of one culture, one language and one religion. No it is not. Decades-long problem of insurgency had pulled down the region to almost a standstill with thge people getting sandwiched in a volatile atmosphere. The scerio led to large scale migration of people, especially the youth, to various metro cities in search of jobs and higher education. This in turn led to resentment among the locals due to the lack of quality education institution and jobs. And with the Congress leading the Central and the State Governments for greater part of the yesteryears, resentment burgeoned among the people obvious for the failure of the Congress Governments to address the basic economic concerns. This resulted in the acceptance of the development card played well by the BJP and the people started seeing a ray of hope to the age old economic problems. While the BJP was voted to power in Assam, its honeymoon with its coalition partner, the Asom Ga Parishad, is beginning to be on the wane with every pasing say. The AGP is threatening to quit the coalition if the Citizenship Amendment Bill is introduced in the Parliament. In the light of the developments in Assam, it may not be a cakewalk for the BJP in the coming days in the three North-eastern States - Meghalays, galand and Tripurs - where polls were recently held. Ideological disagreements are likely to surface in the near future in Tripura, with the IPFT in Tripura already wanting to have a tribal CM.

Nupur Das,

Ganeshguri, Dispur,


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