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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  19 March 2018 12:00 AM GMT

Suggestions for the Assam Government

Through your esteemed daily I would like to draw the attention of the Sarbanda Sonowal government of Assam towards the parking problem in Fancy Bazaar in general and Jail Road in particular. I am a frequent visitor to Guwahati and face the problem of parking as both sides of the road are used for parking vehicles, and the road is always congested.

After the shifting of the jail from there, the entire area was utilized for parking and a lot of revenue was generated for the government. But after a brief spell, the area has not been allowed for parking because the department concerned is planning to do something for beautification. I am not a stakeholder but a citizen of the country, and I would like to put forward my suggestions for better and purposeful utilization of the jail area as follows:

(1) Children's park.

(2) A garden with a variety of flowers which can be called a mini-Mogul garden.

(3) A multi-storey parking building.

(4) An open theatre.

A considerable entry fee for the area and substantial parking fee will generate crores of rupees for the government exchequer.

I hope the State government will consider my suggestions for the welfare of the people and the residents of the area.

SL Singhania,

Police Bazaar, Shillong.

Meghalaya Governor’s Speech

Each State of the Union of India has one or more State language(s). This is because of the federal structure of the country and as per the Constitution of India. This must be recognized and respected by its people, and more so by the people in position of power, and even more importantly, if one is holding constitutiol posts.

The news that the Governor of Meghalaya addressed legislators in the State Assembly of that State recently in Hindi is in bad taste.

Hindi is the official language of the Government of India, and not necessarily the State language of each State. Being the topmost citizen in Meghalaya, the Governor should have respected this, more so when the address was inside the Legislative Assembly.

The diversity of the tion cannot be swept like this.

A Concerned Citizen,


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