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Letters to THE EDITOR

Much has been discussed on COVID-19 and the afflicted patients. Meanwhile,

Letters to THE EDITOR

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  3 Sep 2020 1:46 AM GMT

COVID-19 patients

Much has been discussed on COVID-19 and the afflicted patients. Meanwhile, our government has spent fabulous amount on the patients who are in COVID care centres. About two months back, one of my close friends of Guwahati had to stay in MMC Hospital, Panbazar. Subsequently, on his full recovery, he let me know from his home that the hospitality and the pleasant treatment he received in the centre will remain in him for days to come. But now, we don't know whether the status quo has been maintained or not as the number of COVID patients are increasing by leaps and bounds. What we can understand elsewhere, other than Guwahati the scenario is not that good. The circumstances under which Subal Biswas (62) of Nagaon had to die is unfortunate. In Dibrugarh too the scenario is not that satisfactory. There have been reports/allegations by such COVID patients that they are not receiving proper treatment from the attending doctors and nurses. In fact, the attending Medical workers try to advise such patients from distance. Moreover, the government machinery concerned is advising to asymptomatic patients for home quarantine. There has been acute shortage of cylinders in Assam, the print media suggest. The patients of the affluent class will have to bear expenses, the report adds. But we want that all would get equal treatment whether in Guwahati or elsewhere.

Ashok Bordoloi,


Shutdown is not the solution

Shutdown is not a sensible solution, keeping in view the dwindling economy. Difficulties of the sufferers cannot be overlooked in the name of battling against COVID-19. Instead, precautions should be the primary focus. Shutdown is the only measures the government has resorted to, ignoring the outcomes and reasonable steps. Reforming the strategy is vital.

Chandan Kumar Nath,

Sorbhog, Barpeta

Harvard Vs hard work

Being an English background student, I have a few knowledge on economy, maybe it goes differently to the RBI Governor having Master's in History. But as our Pradhan Sevak says it is all about hard work. We all admit the hard work on the back of a successful face. On the same way we shouldn't forget the intellectual-head above that.

The recent data shows that Indian economic growth rate is -23.9% despite it was in the hand of a hard worker. As the government is very smart to play the blame game, now God is also accounted. However, it's not a sudden outbreak on economy but it has been driving since the demonetization. The results are quite opposite whatever the Prime Minister had said on the night of 8th November 2016. Then the GST comes following the disastrous Note Bandi. If we see its impact on present economy, where terrorists are still in Kashmir, Naxals are still there, not a single penny of black money came back and 5 million people lost their salaried jobs.

In present time, it's all about smart work like 1992 Economic Reform and yes, it has been done by a Harvard+Oxfordian. Instead, polarizing with advertisement, government should develop the per capita income of an individual.

Habibul Bepari,


About Teachers' Day

Good day to everyone. I'd like to offer thousands of obeisances to all my "Gurus" from the bottom of my heart.

I'm very very glad for getting an opportunity to express, my thoughts, my feelings, my statements about my respected Gurus and Teachers.

First of all, I would like to ask a question to you. Do you know how teachers' day is originated?

On the auspicious occasion of Dr. Radhakrishnan birthday his students and friends requested him to allow them to celebrate his birthday but in reply Dr. Radhakrishnan said that "instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be privilege if 5th Sept. is observed as Teachers' day. From that day onwards we Indians are celebrating his birthday as Teachers' Day.

Parents – Sarvepalli Viraswami & Sitamma

Spouse - Sivakamu Radhakrishnan

Awards: The highest civilian award from India Bharat Ratna in 1954

Templeton prize in 1975 including Knighthood. Blah, blah, blah...

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was an Indian philosopher, academic and statesman who devoted his life for bringing true value of education and also a great teacher.

Teachers are the backbone of our society. Since teachers mould the Nation, behind a civilized Nation, a civilized Society and a civilized Person there is a teacher. Teachers are the torchbearer of many aspirants. A teacher goes nowhere being in the same place simply one leads someone to discover in one's destination. There are three different types of teachers, a common teacher, a good teacher and a great teacher. A common teacher teaches us, a good teacher gives us demonstrations but only a great teacher gives us inspiration. It is said, success is ninety nine per cent inspirations. By which one can achieve, gather, accumulate, conquer, and overcome his or her ultimate goal.

Whenever a teacher opens his mouth to say something others should be showered with knowledge. And others should have the sense of idealism. Teachers are the Gurus of many Gurus. Being a teacher one should have lots of information also knowledge. In one sense a teacher is the one who knows the way, who shows the way, who goes the way and who does the way. In ancient time teachers were mostly considered as "Guru". By the way "Guru" is a Sanskrit word 'Gu' means darkness and 'ru' means light. So, in one sense "Guru" is a person who dispels the darkness and brings more light and understandings and makes our path of success smooth.

Now, I would like to say you... some interesting facts about Dr. Radhakrishnan Sir...

He was elected to the constituent Assembly in 1946. He served as the ambassador to UNESCO and later to MOSCOW.

In 1952, he became the first Vice President of Independent India and in 1962, he became the Second President of India.

To join the University of Calcutta when Dr. Radhakrishnan was leaving Mysore University, the students of Mysore University took him to the station in carriage which had been decorated with flowers.

What does it depict?

It depicts the relationship between, Teachers and Students, Gurus and disciples or in one sense the strong relationship with his beloved students.

From 1931-36 he was the Vice Chancellor at Andhra University and again 1939-48, he was the Vice Chancellor of Banaras University. And at Delhi University, he was the Chancellor from 1953–1962.

One more thing which we can't forget about him is that when he became the Vice President of India, he accepted only Rs. 2500 out of Rs. 10,000 salary and remaining amount was donated to the Prime Minister National Relief Fund every month.

It depicts his honesty, humbleness or kindness. We can't forget his devotion or in one sense he rendered his entire life in promoting the true value of education and also gave Indians a new sense.

From the teachers we have that forms of knowledge by which we can form our character. It is said to build our character it takes more than 30 years. But to lose it, it hardly takes 30 seconds. It is said, if money is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, but if character is lost then everything is lost. So, our 'Guru' or teachers give us that education by which we can maintain our character.

Our 'Guru' or Teachers give us that sort of education by which I can increase my hidden talent, we get that kind of education by which our intellect is expanded, since, and we have the capacity to think we are just not tape recorder. Ultimately we have that type of education by which everyone can stand on one's own feet. Teachers are the main piller of our society. They make us personally, professionally and socially successful. Teachers make us someone to go along with education. It is said, the person that doesn't go along with education he is like a tree without roots. With the education with the help of teachers we can bring holistic developments such as, in physical sector, in carrier realm in health sector, in family and friend circle in the area of spiritual ultimately over all these essential fields. A disciple with the present of a 'Guru' or an arrow with feathers always hit the target.

By the grace of God, in my life I'm getting some wonderful teachers, Gurus, Mentor like .... blah, blah, blah.... and all my respected teachers belongs to this society. You are all so amazing and thesaurus one. Sir and Madam with your full responsibilities and guidance you are making us 'Ashoka' by being "Bimbishar" Sir and Madam we shall definitely honour your teaching by bring a solution to my family, to my society and ultimately to my Nation. At last with the present of teachers I can do, I can be and I can have the things that I desire. Since "I am the author of my life". "I am the director of my life movie". "I'm the writer of my history". "I'm the torchbearer of my destination". So, everything is possible even the word impossible says, I'm possible. But it is possible with the present of teacher. So, my owes, my respect as well as obeisance goes to my Gurus all my teachers as well as all my life makers.

Tuman Sarkar,

Nagaon (Assam)

Exams in digital mode

Allahabad University has decided to conduct its final year and final semester examinations this year in digital mode from the second week of September. According to the University, the students will have to download the question paper from the official site of the varsity. The examination duration would be four hours, two hours of writing the paper, and two hours to scan the copy and upload it. As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, this initiative truly deserves the praises and seems to be the right step towards Digital India which is setting a new trend for higher education institutions.

Amit Singh Kushwaha,

Satna (M.P.)

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