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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  21 Oct 2017 12:00 AM GMT

Attack on Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. More than 7 million people from abroad visit the UNESCO’s iconic heritage site every year. It is one of the major tourist attractions since pre-independence era compared to other heritage sites of the Indian States. But recently, the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Minister released a booklet entitled “Uttar Pradesh Tourism: It’s High Potential” where the most visited historic monument, the Taj Mahal, is excluded by including less attracted heritage sites that has irked the people of India.

The most visited monument Taj Mahal earns around Rs 25 crore annually which is a source of revenue for the government but discarding its me as a tourist destition site from the list in the booklet is unpalatable. The Mughal emperor Shahajahan built it by spending of Rs. 35 crore at that time without expecting any return at all. It is not the matter who built it and how, the matter is that it is one of the finest and greatest monument heritage situated in India. India is known for its rich legacy all over the world. The Taj Mahal is a great example of Indian culture and heritage and it is stands not just as a monument constructed by the Muslim Emperor.

But some of our political leaders like Sangit Singh Some, Uttar Pradesh CM claim that the Taj Mahal can’t be India’s icon. It is really heartbreaking and shocking to hear such comments over this world’s heritage icon.

I don’t understand why the leaders mix religious issues with politics. The statements made by some political leaders that the Taj Mahal is not a cultural heritage and it was built by a traitor by neglecting the importance of the Indian culture and heritage, is completely disgusting.

It’s tural for the people to get outraged by such derogatory statements that breaks out commul harmony based on some finest issues which have no link with politics. These derogatory statements make us to think we are divided into Hindu, Muslim Christian, and Buddhists etc. that stands against secularism.

Hindu or Muslim is not our tiol identity. I persolly think that whoever built our monuments in India should not be criticized on their previous record. Time has changed and we need to change our outlook too. But sometimes our political leaders for their political gains distort facts by misrepresenting some historical facts, thereby trying to instill certain misconception.

Rofiul Ahmed,

Bagri Ban, Dhubri.

Make footpaths free for pedestrians

It has become very risky to walk on the footpaths for the pedestrians in Guwahati (“Vendors take over footpaths” Oct 20). All the major areas at G S Road, A T Road, Chandmari, Zoo Road, Dispur, Paltan Bazar etc., have been occupied by the vendors illegally for business purpose. Secondly, most of the footpaths have become auto-stands. Numerous complaints have been lodged by the common people with the GMC and GMDA but no actions have been taken by the authorities concerned till date. Will the authorities concerned take any actions on those illegal vendors and make the footpaths free for the common citizen?

Bhola th Sharma,


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