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Letters to THE EDITOR

The instances of encroachment of Assam land and harassment of people in the border areas of Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh,

Letters to THE EDITOR

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  13 Sep 2020 5:22 AM GMT

All paper tigers

The instances of encroachment of Assam land and harassment of people in the border areas of Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, riverine and forest areas by the illegal encroachers have been reported in the print and electronic media. On the other hand, our State is flooded with so many 'senas' starting from Lachit Sena, Ahom Sena, Chiralai Sena to name a few who talk big in front of the camera regarding their pledge to safeguard of lives of indigenous sons/daughters and also protect the territorial land of the state. It was expected that these so called 'senas' would spring in and do the needful but they are merely concerned with political ambition. Shouting on the streets, calling various types of bandhs which disrupt the normal life of the people, demanding and collecting 'chandas' (donation) from traders and businessmen will not serve any purpose. One can only conclude by calling these so called 'senas' as paper tigers.

Lanu Dutta Chowdhury,


Gargle and steam inhalation

As per discussion with Dr Gokul Bora the renowned paediatrician of Assam, I want to state that coronavirus is not vulnerable to heat. As COVID-19 is basically a respiratory virus, it affects the upper and lower respiratory system. If someone intakes hot steam or gurgle with warm water, the virus staying inside the nasal cavities, oro pharynx, naso pharynx and mouth cavity will die soon. Apart from steam inhalation, one must wear a face mask which will prevent outburst of respiratory droplets from virus infected people. In this crucial situation, one should consider any outsider as a potential carrier of coronavirus. So, social distancing is a must in this pandemic situation. A person might not show the symptoms of COVID-19, but he can definitely be a carrier of the virus.

People who takes Ayurvedic things like Giloy (Guduchi), haldi, neem, tulsi and practices yoga postures such as Asanam, Pranayam, anulumbilum, kapalbhati, Vastrica, etc on a regular basis, develop certain natural resistance power as well as boosting their immune system to fight against this type of pandemic virus. Those people who are suffering from pre-existing diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, etc are the section of people who are more vulnerable to this pandemic virus. Dr. Gokul Bora also states that coronavirus cannot stay in the environment for a longer period of time but human body can be a reservoir for it. Therefore, according to him it is a myth that exposure to heat and temperature can eradicate COVID-19. The coronavirus is only symptomatic. There is no specific drug for this virus. Trials of the vaccines are going on all over the world and in India also. The positive effect of the vaccines upon human body will only be known in due course of time.

Jahnabi Bora,


Indo-China conflict

The ongoing Indo-China conflict in eastern Ladakh remains unresolved. Despite talks at various levels, no satisfactory agreement has emerged so far. China is not backing off. Now it is calling Arunachal as south Tibet. India, besides defending its own territory, should grab Chinese territory. India is being taken lightly by China, Nepal and Pakistan. India needs a strong, aggressive approach towards its neighbours.

Chandan Kumar Nath,

Sorbhog, Barpeta.

Flyover at Na Ali, Jorhat

The work of a railway flyover at Na Ali, Jorhat started about a year back. The work is being undertaken with the Government of India fund, involving a total cost of around Rs 100 crore and is required to be completed by February 2021 as per guidelines of the Central government. The progress of the work was going on in full swing, however one building was obstructing the progress of the work of drainage including the main structure. The Public Works Department in spite of their best effort could not demolish the building due to the obstruction of the owner, even after he received compensation. It was alleged that the owner of the building with connivance of a high-ranking officer of the district administration obstructed PWD from demolishing his building. However, the Deputy Commissioner of Jorhat Roshni Aparanji Korati on September 10 personally ordered for the demolishing the building to PWD.

The apprehension of the PWD that the work of construction of the flyover may not be possible within the targeted time.

The question here is why some officers cannot look for the greater interest of the people for their own benefit. Due to such officers a number of schemes cannot be completed in time or some even have not been started. The government should remove such type of officers from such important post.

We would like to thank the DC Jorhat for taking step to demolish the said building and also request her to see that the project is completed in time.

Bikash Barpujari,

holadhora Jorhat

Suicide deaths

Sir, through your esteemed daily I would like to highlight one of the most serious issues of India, committing suicide due to various reasons.

Every year one million people die by committing suicide in the whole world as it turns out to be the 10th leading cause of death. Though people above age 70 often commit suicide, in most countries people of age group 50-30 are also at risk. Looking into that, very few organizations are involved with suicide prevention.

While talking about India, a research done by Public Health Foundation of India in 2018 said that now India accounts for over one third of the world's annual female suicides and around one fourth of male suicides. Compared to the global average, the rate of suicidal cases of males and females in India are much higher. The report also highlighted that though India's Southern States are more advanced, they are also more vulnerable to suicide. India shares 17.8% of global suicides. So, while following the global trend, it also proves that most developed countries have higher suicide rates. In India, the age group of 15-39 is the most vulnerable in India. During the lockdown period, the rate of suicidal cases in India has increased, which has become a very tragic issue. The reasons may vary from one to another like loneliness, fear of being tested positive for the virus, loss of jobs, turn around of business, starving, financial issues etc. According to a research done by the group, comprising public interest technologist Thejesh GN, activist Kanika Sharma and assistant professor of legal practice at Jindal Global School of Law Aman, said 338 deaths have occurred from March 19 till May 2 and they are related to lockdown. So, it's a high time to look into the matter seriously and have to take some necessary steps by engaging many organizations and people in it.

Priyanka Deka,


Coordination between constitutional institutions

The Governor of Rajasthan Kalraj Mishra has expressed his thoughts that coordination between the Governor and the State government ensures the round-the-clock development of the state in a better way. The statement truly deserves applause and a right move towards good governance. We have seen differences in the middle of the Governors and the State governments in some States. This situation affects the progress of states. The need of the hour is that all constituent institutions should work with coordination and ensure the prosperity of state and nation.

Amit Singh Kushwaha,

Satna (M.P.)

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