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Letters To The Editor

Through this letter of mine I want to ask a few queries to some of our prominent anti-CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) agitators of our State who have been flexing their muscles threatening to start another round of protests which plagued the country a year ago

Letters To The Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  18 Nov 2020 3:14 AM GMT

A few queries to anti-CAA agitators

Through this letter of mine I want to ask a few queries to some of our prominent anti-CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) agitators of our State who have been flexing their muscles threatening to start another round of protests which plagued the country a year ago. My queries are as follows

1. Do these people know about persons like Umar Khalid and Co. who were caught red handed while trying to conspire against our motherland?

2. Do they know about Sharjeel Imam, another anti-CAA agitator who conspired to cut-off the 'chicken neck' of India?

3. Can they declare the exact numbers of our Muslim brothers and sisters who were denied Indian citizenship after the enforcement of the CAA which in the meantime has become one year old.

4. Can they disclose in public the number of Bangladeshi Hindus who have encroached upon lands of Assam after the enforcement of CAA?

5. Do they remember the incident when a young lady in an anti-CAA rally organized in Hyderabad shouted 'Pakistan Zindabad' in the presence of Asaduddin Owaisi?

Misinformation never pays. In the guise of anti-CAA agitations, a few self-centric people have fulfilled their political agenda.

Aparna Sarma Chowdhury


Ceasefire violations by Pakistan

India has lodged a strong objection to the violation of the ceasefire by Pakistan. The Charge d'Affaires of the High Commission of Pakistan was summoned by the Ministry of External Affairs and a strong protest was lodged over the unprovoked ceasefire violations by Pakistani forces, on multiple sectors along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir on November 13, resulting in the death of four innocent civilians and serious injuries to 19 others. The MEA also reminded Pakistan of its bilateral commitment to not allow any territory under its control to be used for terrorism against India in any manner. Pakistan must follow bilateral agreements and do not harm the citizens by restoring peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

Amit Singh Kushwaha,

Satna (M.P.)

Exit polls

In the last one-and-a-half years to two, the exit polls have proven correct in the assembly or parliamentary polls. Be the prediction of Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Jharkhand assembly polls or the last Lok Sabha elections, the exit polls conducted by various agencies stood correct with the only exception with the recently declared Bihar Assembly polls' results. The results of Bihar must have shaken the political pundits and top brass of Mahagathbandhan (RJD, Congress and Left parties) very badly. It is natural that these people will take time to recover and in the meantime they would start blaming the election commission and EVM machine in particular as face saving device. Another aspect which reflected in the Bihar polls is the plight of the Congress. The national party contested 70 seats and returned victorious in meagre 19 seats with a poor strike rate of just above 27 per cent. It's another indication of the limited number of days of Gandhis in Indian political sphere.

Dr. Ashim Chowdhury,


The lost glory of Don Bosco School

I being a past pupil of once reputed Don Bosco School, Panbazar writing this piece with a heavy heart after seeing the present plight of the Don Bosco School. On October 17, my daughter had to accompany her 4-year-old child for an oral interview in the school, which was against the SOPs set by the government under the prevailing situation. When the health department has been issuing warning against taking out kids below 10 years, the managing committee of the said school called up the applicants for personal interview for the admission into the class KG. By doing so they have risked the lives of so many kids during this pandemic. Now I have come to know that results were declared for the admission into class KG but I was surprised by the amount of money being charged in the name of admission. It's another case of minting money at the expenses of the parents. In the name of admission, the school Principal is openly demanding donation in the name of 'Development Fund'. Another heading i.e 'Security Deposit' which is fixed is also there in the admission process. Organizations like AASU, ABVP, NSUI etc are simply keeping mum over this broad daylight looting. These so-called organizations which claim to represent the interests of students are surprisingly silent and letting Kerela dominant body of the school to exploit the parents in the name of education. The Education Department, Government of Assam too has failed to curb or control the rampant exploitation of parents. I may be wrong but something fishy appears in this whole system nowadays.

A past Pupil,


US-India ties under Biden presidency

US President-elect Joe Biden will be doing plenty of fence mending with global allies in the coming months after four years of diplomatic tantrums by President Donald Trump. Biden's first priorities will be rejoining the 2015 Paris Climate Pact that Trump abruptly exited two years ago, and normalizing US ties with Europe. In fact, the US will rejoin the Paris Accord on his first day in office. The President-elect will also come back to WHO that Trump had quit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has quickly tweeted congratulations to Biden on his spectacular victory. But there will be one large question mark - Trump was uninterested in human rights. But the Biden and Harris campaign manifesto stated India should "take all necessary steps to restore rights for all the people of Kashmir". It also rapped the Citizens Amendment Act as "inconsistent with the country's long tradition of secularism". Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has come out openly on these issues and her stance will be closely watched. But while these may be friction points, it is expected that real politics will triumph and keep India-US relations on a steady course.

Chandan Kumar Nath,


Hospital revamping experiment - A need amidst this crisis

Upon my recent visit to a hospital where I had to stay put as an attendant, certain incidents caught my attention that led me to ponder upon and write if certain changes are feasible.

Hospitals are an essential industry without which human race's existence will be jeopardized. This is a place that presents a gloomy uncertain picture for most of the patients and attendants. Patients in mild, serious to critical stages come along with traumatic cases. To take care of the indoor patients, generally one attendant is allowed. It so happens that living in an atmosphere of sick people everywhere inside the campus with the health professionals doing their duties, the toll sometimes on the mental health of the attendant is very high which often might result in getting sick by the attending person himself.

To brighten up the atmosphere, soothing music can perhaps be played on the reception or corridor areas and Small play areas earmarked for little children.

That way, everyone including the patient will be a bit relaxed and healing will be faster. It will also enthuse the professionals and add an extra zing to their work. It is a well known fact that a person gets well fast in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. It's 'home away from home' indeed.

Purabi P Barua,


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