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Letters to the Editor

Rajdeep Sardesai, renowned journalist and Editor in Chief of India Today channel has been suspended for spreading misinformation about Republic Day farmers’ protest.

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital Desk

Bold decision

Rajdeep Sardesai, renowned journalist and Editor in Chief of India Today channel has been suspended for spreading misinformation about Republic Day farmers' protest. In one of his tweets he stated that one protesting farmer named Navneet was killed by bullet shot from police. Though later on a video clip was released by other media houses where it was clearly shown the actual cause of death of Navneet. On that unfortunate day, Navneet was on his tractor and was trying to bulldoze police personnel, but in turn his own tractor overturned and he died instantly. Even the postmortem reports clearly mentioned that the cause of death is not due to bullet injury. Now though Rajdeep Sardesai was not sacked officially but actions taken by the India Today group is as good as being sacked. The decision to take the rumour monger off the air for two weeks and deduct his salary by half was the right move to punish him. That incident of spreading fake news is not one off. Through your esteemed daily I congratulate India Today Group for taking the bold decision and protecting the sanctity of the fourth pillar of democracy.

Julie Bhuyan,


Change narrative

The two new political parties, Raijor Dol and AJP, are still far away from public reach. The narrative which both the parties are propagating 'BJP hatao' will not work unless and until they connect with the people. The ruling alliance has numerous achievements to show in their report card in their tenure. I would be wrong if I say they have been able to fulfil the entire list of promises made in 2016 but at least on 80 per cent promises they have been successful. AJP and Raijor Dol have to go to the public with new concept of regionalism. They have to make people understand how to be self dependable and not bank entirely on government subsidies. Government subsidies or Asonis are required for the people but too much of subsidies can boomerang as work culture will die down. Lurinjyoti Gogoi of the AJP and other leaders of the Raijor Dol are only singing the same tune i.e. to remove the BJP from Dispur. Today's electorates are not fools and also they know the past records of a number of leaders of the new regional parties who are known best as sanda party or sanda gang.

A lots are expected from these two parties. Assam truly needs a regional force to counter the nationalist party as we are aware of the precarious position of the AGP. The biggest disappointment with the AJP and the Raijor Dol is their choice of leadership.

Purabi Miri,


Protests hijacked

As the nation was celebrating its 72nd Republic Day, protesters brandishing sharp-edged weapons, deviating from the designated routes, and driving tractors amok proved that the peaceful farmers' protests had indeed been hijacked and misused by anti-national forces. These hooligans are riding on the coat-tails of innocent farmers to serve their vested interests. They need to be put behind bars before they further push the entire nation into a chaotic state of anarchy. The unfortunate happening on the precincts of the Red Fort is unprecedented in the annals of living memory. Miscreants in the guise of farmers unfurled the flag of a particular religion on the rampart of this historical monument where hitherto only the Tricolor used to be hoisted. Nothing can be more deplorable than this act by some misguided persons. The blame for this horrendous act lies squarely on the shoulders of the farmer leaders. Unnecessarily, a chance has been given to the government to lebel this agitation as that of Khalistani and anti-national elements. Such repugnant acts can only be seen as the beginning of the end of an otherwise very peaceful agitation. While such an act is to be deplored, how was it allowed to happen? It's a sure failure of the police and intelligence authorities. There was no police at the Red Fort to stop the goons from hosting a religious flag. Alas, it could have been prevented. Earlier, the Red Fort had a garrison battalion of the Army, but it was the ASI who got it vacated in order to preserve the monument. And lo and behold, they have handed it over to the goons for anti-national activities on a platter. The perpetrators of this heinous crime must be brought to book at the earliest. Why no security? The incident raises many questions, one, why did the Delhi Police allow these marchers passage other than the one decided upon? The video shows that while the protesters were fixing flags, there was no security around. It points to the connivance of the police or the lack of effective control. However, the incident should not be given a communal colour as the intention of the farmers was to conduct a peaceful tractor march.

This is the centenary year of Gandhi's noncooperation movement, which descended into communal violence in Malabar and later caused the murder of 22 Indian policemen at Chauri Chaura in February 1922, forcing the Mahatma to call off the movement. The overwhelming response to his Satyagrah across the nation did not deter him from correcting the dangerous mistake of violently pitting Indians against Indians. No popular struggle can become successful if it turns hateful and brutal towards one's own countrymen, whether in uniform or otherwise.

Chandan Kumar Nath,


Girl becomes
CM for a day

19-year-old Srishti Goswami became the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand for one day. The decision was taken by the government of Uttarakhand on the occasion of National Girl Child Day on 24 January. This day has been observed by the Ministry of Women and Child Development of the Government of India since 2008. The government of Uttarakhand, in connection with this day, has fielded Srishti Goswami, a student from Daulatpur, Haridwar, as the Chief Minister for this day. Such commendable and positive steps taken to increase the importance of girls are truly admirable for the entire country. Indian citizens should try to understand the significance of National Girl Child Day.

Heramba Nath,


Money power

In today's world, social media plays an important role. Calculated use of social media can bring lot of dividends to an individual or organization or party. AIUDF is born to safeguard the interests of Bangladeshi infiltrators post scrapping of IMDT Act. Badruddin Ajmal is first a wealthy businessman. Politician is his second status. The AIUDF's target is to conquer Assam and convert it into an Islamic state. Now what he is doing is an interesting fact. He has some news channel anchors in his side. These anchors keep glorifying him. He also has some writers who create an atmosphere in the social media platform that Badruddin Ajmal is the real saviour of Assam. All the expenses of such writers' tour to minority areas are allegedly sponsored by Ajmal.

I guess posts in the social media from such writers are intentionally written to please Ajmal's pet voters. Thirdly, Ajmal also has some so-called intellectuals whose job is to defend him from political opponents.

Truly, money power can do wonders. Thanks to Ajmal and company for at least providing some sort of employment opportunities to earn their daily quota of bread and butter for a section of betrayers of indigenous people.

Pratap Dutta,


New political
parties in Assam

There has been a burst of new political parties in Assam in recent times which are by-products of the stir against the CAA and claim to represent 'regional' interests. That these new regional groups would be able to find a stronghold across the State without building a robust grassroots base remains doubtful. Again the level of electoral influence that their cadres would be able to wield also remains deeply questionable. Their being greenhorns in politics makes the possibility to be able to impact party competition seems remote to most of the people. On the contrary, the BJP-led alliance seems to be in a comfortable position at this moment. Undeniably, the expeditious implementation of a slew of schemes and financial aid to the unemployed youths, poor farmers, widows or divorced women and so on by the party in power will surely affect the prospects of the new political parties in the upcoming Assam elections until and unless all anti-BJP and anti-CAA forces ideally unite and hence form an umbrella alliance. Understandably, all the new political outfits must team up with the mainstream political parties against the ruling party in order to dislodge it from power. Mere mobilizing support in Assamese dominated constituencies and having bases from central Assam to upper Assam will by no means enable the new political parties to make a difference in the upcoming Assam elections.

Dipen Gogoi,

Teok, Jorhat.

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