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Letters to The Editor

Timings by LIC

Letters to The Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  2021-05-18T10:31:09+05:30

Timings by LIC

While going for a walk in the morning, to my pleasant surprise I found that LIC offices have started operating from earlier than usual timings, for the convenience of its customers, given the restrictions imposed due to Covid-19. I could easily pay my premium, and also could make inquiries in the LIC office.

LIC customers should take advantage of the changed office timings from 8.30 am to 11 am in the present circumstances.

D Bhutia,

RGB Road, Guwahati

Epidemics and our sins

We are all aware of this frightening epidemic. Unwanted death has left us distressed every moment. We will not be in a state of self-impurity and awareness.

We all have to lock ourselves alone at home to save ourselves from this epidemic and to save ourselves. Also, we all need to get out only for the necessary work. Moreover, it is very sad for some relatives to disappear from this world because of our slightest mistake.

Therefore, we have to take all precautions and protect ourselves from the epidemic of the country and society.

We have to live at home and spend time with our family on these days of misery.

We all have to remember that no one can save ourselves if we do not protect our families. Changing our mindset will change the situation. Our country will be epidemic free. Let us all help in the protection of the country and society.

Mintu Das,

Bukabil, Dhemaji

Office working hours

It is indeed heartening to see people still working amidst this crisis. While Assam is known for its culture of 'lahey lahey', it is perhaps a good time to start office hours early say at 8 am and ending at 3 pm. That way, office-goers can chill after 3 pm and finish their other commitments.

Before Corona, it was usual to find most office tables empty till 11 am or 11:30 am. It will be healthy also as the saying "early to bed and early to rise" will come into force.

Purabi Pathak Barua,


Where is CLP Leader?

More than two weeks have passed and the Congress is yet to declare the name of the leader of its Legislature Party. While many newly-elected MLAs from Congress were commenting when there was a delay in selecting the Chief Minister from BJP, Rupjyoti Kurmi and another MLA from Sarukhetri were all prepared to lend support to Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma if his name was somehow not suggested by the core team of the BJP for the CM's post. Now all the eyes are on Congress. This delay in selecting the leader of the Congress Legislature Party directly reveals the fractions within the party. A fractional fight is bound to happen if the party preaches dynasty politics. Despite losing so many elections, still, a large section of Congressmen worship Rahul Gandhi.

Pratap Dutta,


The prime issue for the CM

Leaving home, hiding in a jungle, or a foreign hideout with a handful of trained abductors is utterly a big barrier to the overall development of this region. It's hurting all of us in the name of fighting for a sovereign state. No big industrialist that may be national or international is willing to set up industries in this region out of intimidation. The kidnapping of prominent individuals from some prestigious estates in exchange for a large ransom has sent dismal signals to the fraternity of entrepreneurs in recent times. Small-scale industries coming into existence in one form or the other are suffocating with fear about their future.

I wish this government to seriously look into the matter for a purposeful resolution. A quick initiative to bring all our strayed brothers into the mainstream through constructive dialogue will surely create a better environment among us. It would be wise for the Chief Minister to involve himself for healthier coordination with the spirit of initiation. To eventually create a convenient corridor for enthusiastic investors, this would generate a better roadmap of the development of this expanse.

Unemployment is a burning issue these days for thousands of homecoming skilled workers who left their established jobs from the frontline cities. Reasons for leaving jobs may be anything. Apart from this, youths seeking more and more employers are increasing day by day in this state. This emerging plight cannot be dumped into the cold storage for years and years. This predicament is the most relevant and painful of all the problems. By keeping the problems pitching for a long time, one day, they may force people to agitate and shout on the road.

Half the problems are resolved at the will and instructions of the person at the top. Therefore, I request our most hardworking CM Himanta Biswa Sarma to take some concrete steps in this context. Establishing a happy environment for aspiring capitalists, and opening up vast opportunities to engage our youth has to be the basic goal of the progress of this State.

Rabin Prasad Kalita,

Azara, Guwahati-17

Home delivery

To beat the second wave of Covid-19, the Government is implementing lockdown and curfew. After December 2020 people forgot the disease and were not following Covid protocols. We see news about police officials beating up people for going out and breaking rules. But have we ever thought twice why are people being reckless and breaking all rules? If the authorities impose lockdown, why don't they make home deliveries to the needy people? It's a request to the authorities to look into the matter and provide essentials.

Puja Mahanta,

Cotton University

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