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Missing from scene: Letters to The Editor

Missing from scene

Letters to The Editor

Sentinel Digital Desk

Missing from scene

During the election time, a few familiar faces often occupied the TV screens and front pages of newspapers but post-declaration of the results these people have gone missing from public life. Where are our Rajya Sabha MP Ajit Kumar Bhuyan, Dr Hiren Gohain, Kaliabor MP Gaurav Gogoi? Two MPs travelled vertically and horizontally across the state during the campaign period to seek votes for the Congress and the AIUDF alliance. The duo made tall promises like they would be available for the public 24X7. But after the thrashing on 2nd May, both the MPs have gone missing. In this crucial phase where the second wave is threatening to enter into the remotest village and cause devastation Ajit Kumar Bhuyan and Gaurav Gogoi have disappeared. Being MPs both have duty and responsibility towards the people, but they only appear like seasonal birds in the time of elections. Why can't Dr Hiren Gohain appeal to the public to follow COVID protocols, go for vaccination, etc? Sitting in the comfort zone and criticizing the government and the system is the easiest job. Thank you to my fellow indigenous voters who have rejected them in the last Assembly elections.

Julie Bhuyan,


Busy with Gaza war

A large section of people is running propaganda on social media about Israel and Palestine war. Nobody wants war, and we all pray that the world lives peacefully but terrorist organizations like Hamas, Taliban, Jaish, etc are not letting peace prevail worldwide. A huge chunk of keyboard warriors is the least praying for the safe return of Indian citizens taking asylum in Assam after the TMC has unleashed violence against them but the Communists and some Congress leaders are only concerned with the Palestinians. Lakhs of people have changed their profile picture by stating that they stand with the Palestinians and at the same time condemning Israel Defence Force (IDF). The Israeli Army is one of the most disciplined ones who never target innocent people. Their target is only the fundamentalist terrorist organization like Hamas who have been using women, children as a shield. The uprooting of terrorism is the call of the day and hopefully, this time IDF would sanitize the Gaza strip so that future generations of any faith can live peacefully.

Pratuljyoti Buragohain,


Conundrum of WhatsApp

and Government

The Government of India has to hold WhatsApp once again to withdraw its new privacy policy while giving it seven days to respond to the notice. India is taking this up as a serious issue that concerns its sovereign laws and it would be up to Facebook and WhatsApp to determine whether it needs its two billion users are leaving the app in droves. Any users of the Internet should know the minute he signs up for a free site like the messaging platform WhatsApp that his privacy has already been compromised. In Facebook case, it stood exposed by rivals including Apple, that it collects much more data, device ID, user ID and contact info of a user than is required for offering its secure messaging. Being a free platform, WhatsApp was at liberty to base any advertising fed to the user on the basis of the data collected. Facebook, WhatsApp's performance during this privacy storm was never transparent enough and it exacerbated the situation. It is now up to the users to decide whether to stay on or switch off and look for alternatives apps.

Chandan Kumar Nath,


Vibrant Assam Assembly

The new Assam Legislative Assembly is a vibrant one with a good mixture of experience and rookie MLAs. The oath-taking ceremony threw some pleasant surprises. Three MLAs preferred to take oath in the Sanskrit language, the mother of all languages. Candidly speaking, Sanskrit is not a language but it is science. Hindi, Assamese, Oriya, Bengali, Urdu and many other languages originated from Sanskrit. The three MLAs should be appreciated for their act. Two MLAs, one from Sorbhog and the other from Sivasagar, took oath in the name of the Constitution. The attires worn by the MLAs of the ruling party and a few candidates from the Congress displayed a varied range of indigenous attires. Let's hope that elected representatives live up to the expectations of the people.

Spondon Hazuri,

Biswanath Chariali.

Ramdev should

withdraw his remark

Baba Ramdev has remarked that 'allopathy is a stupid science' and medicines such as remdesivir, faviflu, and other drugs approved by the Drugs Controller General of India have failed to treat Covid-19 patients is irresponsible. The Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has written a letter to Ramdev and said that the statement disrespects the corona warriors and hurts the sentiments of the country. The statement on allopathy can break the morale of healthcare workers and weaken our fight against COVID-19. Allopathic medicines have saved the lives of crores of people and the comment that it is responsible for the death of lakhs is extremely unfortunate. The Indian Medical Association also condemned this statement. Baba Ramdev should withdraw his remark and avoid creating controversy on baseless facts.

Amit Singh Kushwaha,

Satna (M.P.)

Mosquito menace

Just after the sunset, a scourge of mosquitoes comes out, spreads and starts entering houses. We people, by the evening, have to shut the doors and windows of the house to prevent the mosquitoes from entering.

It is a monsoon season, as the drains are not being cleared and the potholes of roads are not being repaired, the water gets stagnant wherein mosquito breeding takes place. In other words, the city has now become a safe shelter for mosquitoes.

In the evening, one cannot sit and work peacefully, especially causing concern to the student community. Moreover, the mosquito seems to be resistant against the coils and spray we generally use to make them out. As we are now in a critical situation, and passing across Covid-19 pandemic and if this mosquito menace continues, I am afraid, we will in no time encounter another pandemic being invited diseases like dengue and malaria.

I, through your esteemed daily, request the authority concerned to appreciate the imminent danger to city dwellers and take steps as may be necessary to obviate such a situation. Hope that immediate and effective steps will be taken to solve the problem at least in appreciation of the problems faced by the greater student community.

Anshuman Borah,

Cotton University

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