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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  30 March 2018 12:00 AM GMT

What Next for Tarun Gogoi?

Filly, a court has awarded 14 years of rigorous imprisonment to Lalu Yadav for his involvement in the fodder scam when he was Bihar Chief Minister. He was evading arrest by befriending the Congress at the Centre. But things have changed, and justice has been done at last. Is the same going to also happen to former Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi who has himself admitted to shielding his once-trusted lieutent Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma when the latter was in the Congress? His confession of turning his eyes away from Dr Sarma's alleged misdeeds during the latter's tenure as minister in the Gogoi cabinet is itself a crime. Now an FIR has been filed against the former chief minister. Only time will tell what will happen next. Till then let us keep our fingers crossed.

Himadri Chekanidhara,

Bihpuria, North Lakhimpur

Aadhaar Controversy

The government claims that it is essential to have Aadhaar, giving absurd logic even in the Supreme Court. One such logic is that fake fincial claims are checked. Does the citizen's privacy rights prevail over government finces? It is the duty of the government to check fincial irregularities and malpractices without endangering or crossing citizens' privacy rights. It is being forced as if on a gun point. One should remember that cash is looted by the bad elements of society.

The government just does not trust its citizens. Such thinking is dangerous and detrimental to our democracy. Once a citizen is a victim of Aadhaar misuse, his life will be ruined. But the government is forcing it on the illogical basis of security and on saving government finces. Once MPs become victims of Aadhar leakage then only will they realize its dangers to the lives of people. It is far more harmful than Facebook accounts. Facebook is not forced, but Aadhaar is forced by the government. Now Congress is blamed, tomorrow BJP may use it, and no one would ever know even as one has mastered the art of buying the media and the people and taken advantage unnecessarily of the security of the tion. In fact, no political party is trustworthy. They have vested interests in their mind and are least bothered about the tion's welfare.

We hope the Supreme Court would go with the cause of people.

M Kumar,

New Delhi

Total Eyewash

TDP chief Chandrababu idu has filly made a decision to quit the NDA stating that his plea for granting special status to Andhra Pradesh was rejected by the Centre. But does Andhra Pradesh really need the status of a special category State? The State in question is regarded as one of the top industrial States of the country. People are already smelling something fishy in Chandrababu idu's kitchen, and a lot of talks are making the rounds of the power corners of Delhi and Hyderabad. In fact it is the issue of granting special status to his persol ambitions that was the sole reason behind his decision. Non-granting of special status to Andhra Pradesh was just a ploy to quit the alliance. It is total eyewash.

Dr Ashim Chowdhury,

Ambari, Guwahati

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