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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  23 Oct 2017 12:00 AM GMT

Political stunt

The controversy over the Taj Mahal is just a political stunt. Modern India must rise above politics and should not muddle up politics with the tiol and world heritage buildings and structures. The Taj Mahal is not just a monument of India but one of the wonders of the world, an architectural marvel with extraordiry beauty.

The politicians can stoop to any levels in spreading commul hatred, just for vote banks. The objective of the fundamentalists is to play with the sentiments of ordiry citizens-voters only. While aiming to capture political power, historical facts shouldn’t be distorted.

M. Kumar,

B-49, Gulmohar Park,

New Delhi.

Save our flora & fau

The Forest Minister of Assam is considered to be the guardian of flora and fau of the State. Therefore, the Forest Minister's responsibility is to look after their well-being with the sense of oneness. When animals cry in distress, we could feel their pain and pang to some extent. But many fail to realize it in case of plants. Only sensible beings can realize that their existence would be in jeopardy without plants and forests.

Having said this, I want to draw the attention of the Forest Minister of Assam that flood and erosions have become part and parcel of our lives. We have been living with these annual events since time immemorial. It is for sure that no solution is likely to emerge to contain flood and erosion in the near future. The point is every year during floods, animals of the Kaziranga tiol Park suffer the most. We have seen on TV screens how desperately the animals struggle for their survival during floods. Our heart bleeds for them but unfortutely we are helpless. Many animals are also washed away in floods. The Forest Minister too is witness to the miserable plight of the animals during such catastrophes. Now as winter is approaching, this is the right time for the Forest Ministry to take immediate steps for making 'highlands' with the advice of experts at various places inside the sanctuary, so that animals can remain secure there during floods. All corrective measures should be initiated immediately to put an end to recurrence of such situation every year.

Prafulla Dowarah,


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