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Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  4 Nov 2017 12:00 AM GMT

Tourists' safety

The recent attack on a Swiss couple by a group of youths at Agra's famous Fatehpur Sikri is really unfortute. The couple was brutally assaulted with sticks and stones making them utterly helpless. Such incidents create a very poor image of the country on the intertiol stage and discourage future foreign tourists to visit India. Hope, the Government of India will undertaker practical measures such as deploying adequate number of police force to instill a sense of security among the tourists.

Satish Kumar Sarma,


Biswath Chariali.

Save Assam from Bangladeshi infiltrators

It seems that due to some mysterious reason the government itself is not interested to stop illegal infiltration of Bangladeshis. That is why some stretches of Indo - Bangla intertiol border still remain open so that infiltrators can enter without any hurdle. Frequently there appears in news that BSF personnel also allow Bangladeshi infiltrators to enter Assam for some money. If these are true then the Bangladeshis will always keep entering Assam everyday for indefinite time. From the news it is revealed that people beloning to a particular community of the neighbouring country are entering Assam since 1937 and acquired citizenship of Assam and has become bone of contention in the State as they don't have any intension to assimilate with the local people and it's culture. On the contrary they never miss any opportunity to domite the local people. There have been ample evidence that these people want to impose Bengali in Assam, the Muslim Bangladeshi-origin people settled in Assam have always been trying to bring more and more Bangladeshi Muslims to Assam to make it a Muslim majority state. This is their hidden agenda to occupy Assam. That is why they are trying to create obstacles in the NRC update process. The Centre and the RSS want to bring more Bangladeshi Hindus to Assam to stabilize the Hindu -Muslim ratio of Assam which is laughable. Instead of planning to bring more Hindu Bangladeshis they should think of cancelling citizenship of all the people of Bangladesh-origin settled in Assam since 1937. And it is very easy to identify them. Even after settling in Assam since 1937 - they are not fluent with Assamese accent, whenever they speak Assamese, anyone can easily identify them as people of Bangladeshi origin , their physique has distinct differences from the indigenous people of Assam. So it is high time that the State government gather enough courage to go against them and find a way to cancel the citizenship of all the people of Bangladeshi origin in Assam and send them back to wherever they came from. Only then this burning problem will be solved and there will be no need for the RSS to plan to bring Hindu Bangladeshis to Assam for the reason best known to all.

Bipul Bhatta,

Guwahat -22.

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