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Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  6 Jan 2018 12:00 AM GMT

Who appointed Mamata protector of Assam Bengalis?

Saw in the newspapers of Kolkata that Mamata Banerjee has taken upon herself to protect the “Bengalis” of Assam. She says the NRC is a process for throwing out the Bengalis in the same line as “Bongal Kheda” of 1960.

I would like to know who appointed her the protector of Bengalis in Assam. Can she protect her own herd from the Bangladeshis she is importing into her State to inflate her vote bank?

Which Bengali in Assam has run to her seeking help? She along with a bunch of cronies are claiming they will protect Bengalis in Assam. Someone needs to tell these idiots that we need no protection in our homeland.

Her gimmick to try and protect the Bangladeshi Muslims, illegally staying in Assam under the tutelage of the previous regime as a vote bank, is apparent.

If she loves Bengalis across the world so much and needs to protect them, perhaps the easiest is for her to promise each displaced Bengali land and residency in West Bengal. Let us see how much she loves her Bengali speaking Bangladeshi illegal immigrants then!

Kuntal Kar,

A Bengali from Assam.

On free textbooks

The Delhi Government’s proposal to launch an unquestiobly good scheme, ‘Quality Health for All’ has hit a roadblock, as usual, in the form of Lt Governor of Delhi. The mandatory approval has not been accorded, rather he called the income criteria fixed for the intended beneficiaries under the scheme. Under the proposed scheme any patient can go to one of the 67 private empanelled hospitals for a test that cannot be performed in a government hospital. Even, a surgery can also be done in any of the 44 empanelled private hospitals for the purpose, provided a government hospital cannot give a surgery date within a month for already pending cases. In all such cases, the Delhi Government will bear the cost. If income criteria has been insisted upon only to prevent the undeserving from getting the benefit under the proposed scheme ignoring the clarification that only the poor go to the government hospitals, I would like to pose this question to the Government of Assam, whether the free text book scheme for the college students for now and proposed to be extended to the post graduates in future, shall benefit the needy only? Is there any mechanism to separate those who can flaunt Rs 20,000 mobile handsets from the poor? Is it a prudent expenditure at the general tax payers’ cost?

Rupak Kumar Mahanta,

Wireless, Guwahati-6.

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