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Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  10 Jan 2018 12:00 AM GMT

Most condemble treatment

It is condemble that when the mother and the wife of Kulbhushan Jadhav, the retired Indian val officer sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court on espioge charges, went to visit him in Pakistan, they were humiliated. According to reports. the two women had to remove their mangasutras, shoes, bangles and bindi and also had to change their clothes before they were allowed to see Kulbhushan through a glass partition and talk to him over telephone. Jadhav 's mother Avanti who wore nothing but a sari was forced to wear a salwar-kameez furnished by the Pakistanis. Avanti objected to Pakistanis that the mangalsutra and bindi were signs of her marital status and that she never removed them, but the Pakistanis did not pay heed.Since both the women appeared looking like widows, Jadhav 's first reaction was whether all was going well with his father. It is laudable that Exterl Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj stated that the matter would be taken up with member states of United tions and other diplomatic entities as to how Kulbhushan Jadav 's mother and wife had been treated in Pakistan.

Putul Sarma,

Bamgaon, Biswath Chariali.

Mamata and others are on the same page

Mamta, Susmita, Kamalaksha, Siddique, Ardhendu and others from different political hue are on the same page --- to stand firmly behind the illegal Bangladeshis. Fact is that they can brazenly display their parochial mindset in the public view. Once again it is proved that they have become one to push the interest of Bengalis, no matter whether it is legal or illegal. However, they fail to realize that their irresponsible and deceitful utterances could create bad blood between communities living peacefully in Assam. The political class would get away without a scratch and the common and innocent people would suffer if something goes wrong. But the Assamese has to learn a lot from Bengali leaders. For the Assamese people in power, the party and the high command are more important than the interests of Assam and Assamese people. The glaring proof is that Sonowal has maintained a studied silence on the issue. He could have given a befitting rebuttal to his counterpart in Bengal. Mamata and others know it very well that there are lakhs of illegal Bengali-speaking Bangladeshis in Assam. They also know that the mes of the illegal Bangladeshis would not appear in NRC. As such this is their prelude to create mayhem after the NRC is firmed up. The unscrupulous attitude of these people has come to the fore. It appears that the BJP is happy with this new development. On the other hand, it is totally rubbish what Ripun Bora said "those are their persol opinions". Assamese leaders, be bold and assertive!

Prafulla Dowarah,


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