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Letters to the Editor: Discarding history

Sexagenarians as well as Septuagenarians often feel nostalgic when they hear any old place or name, which they had visited.

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital Desk

Discarding history

Sexagenarians as well as Septuagenarians often feel nostalgic when they hear any old place or name, which they had visited. Changing of names leads to nothing barring discarding the past (Renaming West Bengal, Letters to the Editor, The Sentinel, 19th September). Bangladesh and West Bengal together are frequently called Bengal or Bangla. This leads to confusion for international travellers. There are specific districts and states to identify any place, which shares its name with others. Why should these places be renamed after heroic characters of Ramayana and Mahabharata? India is a secular country, thus if it needs to be renamed after the heroic characters of epics, then it should be renamed after other epics too. At last, India, should not be renamed Bharat or Hindustan. Its name refers to its past, therefore the name "India" is approximately appropriate, which refers to the place where indigo was grown.

Aaditya Dutta,


'Dirty Eleven'

With the total withdrawal of American security forces from Afghanistan, the Talban are in full control of Afghanistan. Naturally the Taliban will be very eager to get recognized by the international communities. Unfortunately, some nations, namely Pakistan, China, Turkey and Iran are contemplating in this regard. India in the meantime is very closely monitoring the situation. Recently, an Indian delegation met a delegation of the Taliban in Doha as a ploy to evacuate our nationals from Kabul keeping the mindless Taliban happy by sharing a cup of tea and biscuits which eleven members of our opposition parties termed it as a step of recognizing their regime. They in the meantime must have forgottenth at Congress masters Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi's unofficial trip to China to sign an MOU with the Chinese government, the contents of which are still not known to the nation and also ex-Indian opening batsman and presently the chief of Punjab Congress Navjot Singh Sidhu hugged Pakistani Army Chief General Bawja publicly and compared Pakistan's PM with Greek God.

This 11 group of opposition parties should be branded as a group of 'Dirty Eleven'.

Dr Ashim Chowdhury,


Revive sports in Nalbari

Barely some 70-80 km from Guwahati, Nalbari is devoid of proper sports infrastructures. The town has a big ground in the form of Gordon field but over the years no major development is noticed in the overall development of the ground. Holding political rallies has made the ground unfit for sports. The administration should ban any form of political or social function in the field. It should allow only sports with regular coaching. Another field named College field situated just three km from Gordon Field is also in shambles. Due to the lack of proper fencing, all activities, including car driving training, are performed in the field. Coaching for games like volleyball, football, cricket, handball etc., can get started on these grounds. Through your esteemed daily, I request Nalbari MLA Jayanta Malla Baruah to revive sports infrastructures in Nalbari.

Tanveer Mullah Haq,

Support, Nalbari.

New Zealand's withdrawal

The cricket team of New Zealand was supposed to tour Pakistan after a one-and-a-half decade but at the last minute, the tour was cancelled after the New Zealand government received intelligence inputs about a possible terror strike inside the stadium in Rawalpindi. Foremost, I thank that nothing untoward happened to cricketers from New Zealand during their six days stay in Pakistan. Secondly, why the New Zealand Government allowed their team to visit Pakistan knowing very well that Pakistan is the abode of Islamic radical terrorists? There is no rule of law and the Imran Khan government is just a puppet in the hands of ISI and other terrorist organizations. Who will forget the gory scenes of the attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team when the team was moving to the stadium from the hotel via bus. The Pakistani Government has given recognition to Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Pakistan is safe for people like Maulana Maqbool, Dawood Ibrahim, Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist heads. If any team wants to fulfil the ICC's future tour programs with Pakistan then they should opt to play in a neutral country. A country that offers a haven to terror groups and also supports terror activities in neighbouring countries cannot be a safe destination to play sports.

Dhiman Senchowa,

North Lakhimpur.

Registering for child marriage?

Ashok Gehlot's government in a recent development passed a Bill to register child marriages. This is unbelievable when social reformers from the past to present voicing to ban child marriage but a democratically elected government is passing Bill to register child marriage. It implies the Ashok Gehlot government is legalizing the curse of child marriages. Where are the liberals of India who often raise concerns for the welfare of children? The liberal gangs become very active during the festival time of Dipawali and Holi. They use to tell children not to play with watercolours on Holi and burst firecrackers on Dipawali, but right now they are mum on the issue of legalizing child marriage. Worshipping of foreign lady and her incompetent son has finished century-year-old Congress. In the present day, there are no leaders with vision in Congress. When rubbishes/trashes are made to sit on important chairs such Talibani-type decisions are bound to be taken. God save the little ones in Rajasthan.

Julie Bhuyan,


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