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Letters to the Editor: Film shooting in space

The endeavour of a Russian film crew to shoot a full-length movie in space with ISS as its location is sure to go into the annals of space history.

Letters to the Editor

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Film shooting in space

The endeavour of a Russian film crew to shoot a full-length movie in space with ISS as its location is sure to go into the annals of space history. This movie will have real-time actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko. They will complete their task in 12 days, and thereby create a record of becoming the first film crew to do such a task in space history. Shorter film shooting was done earlier.

This Russian film titled 'The Challenge' will have the shooting done on the International Space Station. The film-shooting mission will give the Russian space industry to add yet another feather on its cap which adorn a list of 'remarkable firsts' when it comes to space exploration and expedition. The first satellite 'Sputnik' – sent the first animal to space (a dog named Laika); the first man — Yuri Gagarin, and the first woman — Valentina Tereshkova — sent to space are some other firsts in the list.

Space tourism has already begun, and now with film-shooting happening, space will be the most sought-after future destination. A day is sure to come when Hollywood and our own Bollywood stars and directors will make a beeline to space for film shooting! And when it comes to Bollywood, we can expect some peppy duets, romantic numbers and action-packed episodes happening in space!

Let us eagerly look forward to that.

M Pradyu


Railway travel

& safety

We have heard the proclamation 'Wish you a happy journey!' For long-distance train passengers, it is done at the stations by the Railways. But the journey will be happy only when it is safe. Dry proclamations alone are not useful. Passengers do not pay attention to such declarations. Their dry proclamation wishes do not make the journey pleasant.

Passengers take care of their luggage. Also, after getting acquainted with fellow passengers, they are asked to take care of their luggage. As fellow travellers, we have to assist other passengers. While there are no rules about this, it is understandable – it is all a part of social code. Friendships are strengthened as new acquaintances are made on the journey. In this way, the passengers themselves take care of the passengers and also their luggage.

There is no involvement of the police, who are there for the safety of railway passengers.

Nonetheless, the recent incidents of gang rape and robbery in the 'Pushpak Express' are quite annoying. Rape and robbery took place in ghats near Igatpuri (Nashik district in Maharashtra) on this Express running between Lucknow and Mumbai. Let's hope that the armed robbers caught by some brave passengers will lead to some vital clues that will help in the diagnosis of the incident.

The Railway Security Force has a great responsibility for the safety of passengers. Shortage of manpower and security equipment, also should be rectified immediately. If the journey of the passengers is uninterrupted, it is happy, otherwise. This can be said from the incident of 'Pushpak Express'.

Jayesh Rane


Who's Modi's probable successor?

In an interview to Sansad TV, Home Minister Amit Shah said that he had never come across a "better listener" than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After hearing Shah's 'Modi praising', that he "is no dictator, but the most democratic leader India has seen", or on decision making, "not seen a listener like him", one wants to believe that Josh Billings has said that nothing wrong that "there are some people so addicted to exaggeration that they can't tell the truth without lying".

Whereas, the Aaam Aadmi strongly believes that earlier all the governments, even it's a fact that the first Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee used to share power with not only the people of the country but also his Cabinet colleagues, who were in awe to him, could freely speak their minds out. Modi on the contrary, does not do so, not easily at least. Even if he happens to head a government, where people lack the spine and individuality, Modi's stamp on any issue is considered final and mandatory.

Modi's PMO is like an MNC (Mulitnational Corporation) headquarters, where the emphasis is on delivery, performance and deadliness. But the big question as to why Shah is so much gaga over Modi. Age is on the side of Shah, who may be getting groomed to succeed PM Modi in the due course of time provided he proves his worth by his performance. Also Shah's ubiquitous presence in all the four Cabinet committees reflects his importance in the pecking order in the Modi government. This can be seen as a clear succession plan. After all this, is it not wrong if HM Shah does not praise PM Modi wholeheartedly?

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee

1159/ Sector 23 A

Faridabad 121005

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