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Letters to the Editor: Let's support 'Team India'

‘Team India’ lost the Headingly Test by an innings after the disastrous batting display on the opening day when the team got bundled out for meagre 78 runs.

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital Desk

Let's support 'Team India'

'Team India' lost the Headingly Test by an innings after the disastrous batting display on the opening day when the team got bundled out for meagre 78 runs. Now, many cricket experts and pundits will criticize the team calling for the head of coach Ravi Shastri and captain Virat Kohli. A few may also demand that Pujara be dropped. However, the fact remains that they are the best cricketing talents available in the country, and they are matured enough to read the situation and act accordingly. If we rewind our memory; some 10 months back, this same team defeated the team of 'mighty' Australia in their backyard after a big thrashing on the opening test where the whole team got dismissed for 36 runs in the second innings. The team showed tremendous guts to overcome the jolt and clinched the series 2-1 after being down 0-1. Next, India hosted England in their own turf; and similarly, after being down 0-1 the team roared back to win the series 3-1. This team qualified to play in the finals of the inaugural world test championship where they lost to New Zealand in the English condition. This is the same team that has won the maximum number of test matches in foreign pitches in the present time. Even in the ongoing series, this team tamed the host in Lords; and, with the defeat in the third test the series is tied 1-1. Now, it is high time we support our boys. Criticizing the team sitting in our comfort zone and passing opinions like experts will not do any good. Let the team do introspection. Hopefully, in the next two test matches, India will create history. Let's support our boys when they need it the most.

Dhiman Senchowa,

North Lakhimpur.

Where are BBC and CNN?

For the last one week or so the USA is reporting over one lakh Covid positive cases and the death toll is over one thousand per day. Even in England, the number of Covid positive cases have skyrocketed but two of the world-famous news channels namely BBC and CNN are completely silent. When India was facing similar wave reporters of these two channels storm into our country and started their ground zero reporting. They tore apart the union government with some frivolous and malicious news that was aired globally. Now, when their respective countries were facing the onslaught, they have looked in a different direction. While reporting about India they blamed the government for failure to vaccinate its citizens knowing very well the huge population which the country possesses. They blamed Kumbh Mela, elections, illiteracy of the masses but what happened to the so-called literate people.

Meanwhile, the boisterous leftist propaganda gang is hiding under the carpet seeing the present condition of Kerala. Daily, the southern state is reporting on an average of over 30,000 cases daily post-celebration of the Onam festival. It is worrisome news considering that the first and second waves in the country started from the tiny state of Kerala. The State Government of Kerala is full to be blamed.

Julie Bhuyan,


Neglecting stray animals during Covid-19

With great admiration and belief in the columns of your newspaper, I seek to bring to your kind notice that in the current pandemic situation in the country and the world, stray animals, especially dogs and cats which stay in the streets around us are suffering due to lack of people who feed them.

Today, we are amidst a terrible pandemic, where many of us are without jobs or working from home and going out seems like a taboo. Due to this, many of us who would usually feed stray animals in our neighbourhood have stopped doing so, especially due to the spread of fake news that Covid can spread through animals. As a result, many of these strays are dying from a lack of food, and the continuing pandemic may be witness to more such deaths if we do not do anything about it.

Hence, through the pages of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to appeal to the people of our country and the world, to help these animals survive through this unfavourable situation by stepping up to make sure that they are fed.

Himakshri Bora,

Cotton University

College, finally!

Through this column of your esteemed daily, I would like to pass on this message to the students who finally get to see their college for the first time.

So many students haven't even seen their college(s) or school(s) yet due to this pandemic where online classes have become the new norm. Now, as things seem, there is a chance that colleges and schools are slowly reopening in phases throughout the country. The students finally get to have that college life they have been dreaming about; they finally get to meet their college friends, experience the boredom of classes but in real life and learn all those big and small things that colleges taught us all.

Sitting alone in your rooms doing countless assignments, just trying to figure out what anything means etc., is going to end. I know, due to the nature of the Covid-19, everything feels uncertain, but as the colleges reopen, go out into the world and claim it.

Please don't forget your masks and sanitiser.

Debashis Konger,


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