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Letters to the Editor: Power share

Subansiri Hydroelectric Power Project when completed will churn for the region 2000 megawatts of electricity.

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital Desk

Power share

Subansiri Hydroelectric Power Project when completed will churn for the region 2000 megawatts of electricity. A recent news report said that Assam would get only a meagre 25 megawatts of free electricity whereas Arunachal Pradesh would bag 262 megawatts of free electricity from the proposed 2000 megawatts. Arunachal getting 262 megawatts is not a concern but giving peanuts to Assam which has a population of more than 3 crores is kind of disrespectful. The trouble will be borne equally by both the states, then why this disparity between the two figures? Assam needs it more than Arunachal Pradesh. I think it will be better than both the states talk this over a cup of tea.

Yours etc.,

Noopur Baruah,


Spread of Covid-19

Winter is coming in the eternal truth of nature. Meanwhile, winter has begun to fall. COVID-19 infections are on the rise in many parts of the world. On the contrary, vaccination activities are being intensified to prevent COVID-19. We, the health workers, have gone door to door to complete the vaccination. In addition, emphasis is being placed on health rules such as musk use, hand washing, and maintaining social distance.

A new study has found that using musk alone reduces the risk of COVID-19 infection by 53%. This information was made available in November. This research information has been published in detail in a British journal. The study found that personal and social security measures work to reduce COVID-19 transmission. These include hand washing, wearing musk and maintaining social distance. Researchers at Monash University and the University of Edinburgh were involved in the study. The research highlights the importance of COVID-19 prevention as well as hand washing, maintaining social distance and musk, as well as immunization programmes, researchers said. Studies have shown that maintaining social distance can reduce the risk of infection by 25%. Regular handwashing can reduce infection by 53%. Researchers reviewing the results of more than 30 worldwide studies have found this information. The COVID-19 vaccines that are being used around the country are known to be safe and effective. The vaccine saves lives. However, most vaccines do not provide 100% protection. In addition, most countries have not yet been able to provide vaccinations for all. It is important to follow other rules, including the use of musk, to protect existing vaccines against future forms of COVID-19. The number of people infected with COVID-19 worldwide has exceeded 250 million in November. More than 50 million people are still infected with the COVID-19 every 90 days in the world due to a more transmissible variant like the Delta. As a result, tragically many people die every day.

As a Multipurpose Health Worker (Male) in the Health Department of the Government of Assam, I humbly request the people of Assam to be more vigilant and cautious in the days to come. In particular, everyone seems to follow the personal hygiene and health rules (health and hygiene guidelines) kindly.

Yours sincerely,

Heramba Nath,

Hindumaijali, Kamrup.

Congratulations to Azaz

Congratulations to Azaz Yunis Patel for joining the legends like James Charles Laker and Anil Kumble in the historical feat of taking 10 wickets in an inning. But this is the game of cricket and the Kiwis fail to make Azaz's moment sweet were all out at 62. Though statistically and record England's Jim Laker seems to be unbeatable when in the 1956 Manchester Test against Australia in the first Innings his 16.4 over 37 run and 9 wickets and in the second innings Laker's 51.2 over 53 runs and 10 wickets total 19 wickets in a Test is the daydream of a cricketer. Even Jim Laker- 10/53 vs Australia in 1956 Anil Kumble- 10/74 vs Pakistan in 1999 and Ajaz Patel- 10/119 vs India in 2021 always lingering in the minds of the cricket lovers.

Coincidentally, a Mumbai born Kiwi player Azaz Patel trained by another Indian born Dipak Patel achieves this at Mumbai's Wankhede. Whatever the outcome (India's win is certain) of this Test at Mumbai, it will always be remembered as the Azaz Patel Test. Cricket has been known as the 'gentleman's game' and it once again proves when great sportsmanship by the Indian spectator and Indian cricket team led by Ravichandran Ashwin applaud Azaz's achievement. As an Indian, we feel proud that two Indians after Jim Laker have claimed all 10 in a Test inning!

Yours truly,

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee,

Faridabad 121005

Punjab scene

The political scenario in Punjab is the same as if it was in West Bengal in April this year. The electoral battle between TMC and BJP was so fierce that Cong and CPM were washed away and the same is going to happen in Punjab because the electoral fight between Congress and BJP will be so severe that Akali Dal and AAP will be washed away. On the pattern of Bengal Election, there shall be an influx of defections in other parties and they will be joining in BJP and at present same is happening in Punjab and several leaders from other parties are joining in BJP. As the dates of the Election were suitable to BJP same is going to happen because as per media reports dates of elections in Punjab will be matched with the last phase of UP Election and in this way BJP will get more time for preparation of elections in Punjab. BJP had cleared its intention to contest all seats and which indicates that Captain Amrinder as well as a splinter group of Akali Dal will contest on the symbol of BJP. which will carry the positive message at the grassroots level. The central govt has already Repealed the agricultural bills and whatever residual issues are left are expected to be solved very shortly and it will have a positive impact on the prospects of BJP. If it happens so discussed it will have a positive impact on the political scene of the country as it will strengthen the national strength of the country and it will also strengthen the social fabric of the country otherwise there is a perception that BJP is against the minorities which include the Sikhs also and such kind of alignment will help the social harmony in the country. BJP is expected to get maximum votes of followers of Sacha Sauda.

Yash Pal Ralhan


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