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Letters to the Editor: The Importance of learning English

English has been playing an essential role in our educational system for almost two centuries

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  1 Sep 2022 3:41 AM GMT

The Importance of learning English

English has been playing an essential role in our educational system for almost two centuries. But it is still a critical matter, whether we should learn English as our basic language or replace it with Hindi or our mother tongues. It is because of this that the British introduced English in our educational system in order to produce a class of people with the help of whom they could spread their colonial mindset.

But it cannot be the reason that we should give up the English language. Today English is the most widely spoken language in the world. English is spread throughout the globe. Apart from being the native or first language in countries as wide apart as the United Kingdom, The United States Of America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa, English is an important second language almost everywhere in the world. Even in India, it is a popular second language.

Because of this great popularity and worldwide distribution, English has the pre-eminent claim to be the medium of international communication. So we cannot deny the importance of learning the English language from the basic level. If a person knows English, he or she is sure to be understood anywhere in the world. To link ourselves in the international level, we need to know English as the communicating language.

English is also a link language for inter-state communication and communication between the state and the Centre. English is the only language which is understood by all of the educated people living in the country, irrespective of which parts of the country they belong to. The southern states are not familiar with Hindi, so we cannot connect ourselves with them without knowing English.

Besides being an international and national link language, there are some other reasons also for which we should learn English obviously. Study of English has enriched the Indian literature. English also has greatly contributed to the growth of knowledge in the field of science and technology. English can be regarded as the key to the storehouse of knowledge. Books on all branches of knowledge are available in English.

We all know the importance of the English language in today's life. It is a highly frustrating situation that being emotional and egoistic, sometimes we try to ignore it. As a result, the standard of English of a large number of students remains very poor. So we should pay all our efforts to improve the standard of English of all of our students who are kept diverted from it.

Pragati Medhi


Farmers and drought

It is a matter of great concern that drought-like situation has hit farmers of some districts of Assam. There are around 28 lakh farmers' families in the State and they are dependent mainly on rainfall or on irrigation facilities for agriculture. According to the media report, the Irrigation Department of the State is able to provide water to only 25 per cent of the State's total gross cropped area. As such, the Department covers only 10.06 lakh hectares of area whereas total gross cropped area is 40.87 lakh hectares in Assam. The recent drought-like situation has made thousands of farmers of some districts really worried and distressed since agriculture is the main source of earning for them. Therefore, the state government must look into the matter seriously and find out some ways and means to help the affected farmers by considering their poor and pathetic condition.

Rupak G. Duarah


Traffic management

I would like to bring to the notice of all concerned regarding the traffic scenario near NPS School, Lokra. The school is situated in Lalungaon and the nearby places are heavily crowded with trucks and night bus stands. The lane witnesses huge volume of traffic due to which the students face a tough time. The students availing school bus sometimes reach their respective destinations around two hours later which leaves them quite tired.

I, as a parent, feel that a traffic management system needs to be put in place to smoothen rash driving as well as to perhaps make some changes in timings for the trucks and night buses plying in the lane specifically during school opening and closing hours.

Purabi Pathak Barua


Meditation: A healing process

Meditation is a practice of being aware. It is a process of consciously shifting from a 'thinking state' into a 'feeling state', shifting the awareness from the head to the heart. This action itself puts you in touch with presence, the source of life. As soon as a person comes in touch with presence, it becomes a healing practice. When you meditate from a perspective of awareness, or 'presence', your mind starts to calm down and become more coherent, more present. It is believed that the greatest healing occurs when you have a relaxed and coherent mind. To access awareness while meditating, make the choice to focus on the breath, rather than on the thoughts, feelings, emotions, or perhaps even pain. Allow the sensations, thoughts, feelings, aches, and pains to be there – allow them to be experienced – but bring your awareness to the breath, while letting everything else move into the background.

When the mind is chaotic and restless, the lens through which we view the world is similarly chaotic and restless. When you clear the lens (the mind) and it becomes calm and coherent, it reflects the very same back to you. With a lens that is clean, you begin to see the truth of the moment, rather than the mind's interpretation of that moment.

Meditation has numerous benefits that helps many overcome stressors and triggers that can cause relapse. Some of these benefits include - reduced stress levels, less anxiety, increased self-awareness, improved attention span, improved quality of sleep, reduced pain, decreased blood pressure etc. Specifically, in addiction recovery, meditation can improve control over impulses and thoughts that trigger addictive behaviour. Meditation can help strengthen will power, control compulsions, and allow people to have a better understanding about how their thoughts and emotions can drive addiction. Because meditation requires a person to redirect their thoughts, many find that they can reduce the impulses that drive dependencies and habits.

Meditation can help restore a sense of identity that enables a person to move forward in developing a life not dependent on the use of substances to feel normal. Best of all, it can be practiced anywhere at any time, alone or in groups, allowing a person to take time to self-reflect and become part of a supportive community.

Nandini Tamuli

Cotton University

End of exile

The 12 days exile came to an end when FIFA lifted the suspension imposed on the All India Football Fedaration. With this announcement, now India will host the much awaited women's U- 17 World Cup in October.

FIFA lifted the ban imposed on AIFF after the Supreme Court terminated the mandate of the Committee of Administrators (CoA). Moreover, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) has requested FIFA to reconsider their decision of suspending the AIFF. It is very unfortunate that FIFA has suspended the AIFF for "undue influence from third parties" and had said the U-17 Women's World Cup "cannot currently be held in India as planned".

It is the first time that the All India Football Federation has been banned in its 85-year history. It is for the prestige of the nation to hold the event. Therefore, the decision of FIFA to lift the ban certainly gives a reason of happiness for thousands of football lovers in India. Hope the event will be a great success and India will flourish.

Gitesh Ch. Aryya


Reservation in India

In recent times we have witnessed that caste-based reservation is benefitting mostly the affluent and respected people. It has been a debatable issue since a long time, where many people are of the view that reservation should be based on economic condition of the people. Nowadays, respect in society is based on economic condition and not on caste. Yes, there are small pockets of places where people still discriminate on the basis of caste. So, it is the responsibility of government to identify those pockets and give some benefits to them. But it shouldn't be widespread in every nook and corner. Merit should be rewarded to retain the brilliant minds in the country who often find their way to the US or Europe in search of quality education and jobs.

Manoj Adhikary


Jobs shrinking for civil and mechanical engineers

Thousands of recent graduates in civil and mechanical engineering are now furiously battling for a shrinking pool of jobs and facing an increasingly uncertain future due to attenuating economy. According to data, one out of every three graduates of civil and mechanical engineering in cities are unemployed. With the economy expanding slowly, about 50,000 graduates in civil, mechanical engineering are entering the market every year. Due to the slowing economy and the competition between experienced workers and newcomers with engineering degrees for entry-level positions, MSME and MNC businesses are reluctant to hire.

Such positions have vanished from the tech and other sectors, which typically hire new talent. Analysts blame a slowing economy crippled by Covid-19 lockdowns, as well as the large cohort entering the labour force during the graduating season, for the slim prospects facing engineering youths. Long lines of recent graduates in civil and mechanical engineering are standing in queue for jobs. However, headhunters are claiming that because there are only a few open positions, they are selectively choosing engineers from prestigious universities.

Vijaykumar H K


Jay Shah's


I am unable to understand why the Board of Control for Cricket in India's (BCCI) secretary and the son of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Jay Shah refused to take India's national flag in his hand with a nod signifying refusal. Maybe one of the reasons is that he is the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) president and his refusal to hold the Indian flag should be seen as a move to remain neutral. If so, then why like any normal fan, Shah's happiness knew no bounds and he jumped out of his seat as soon as Hardik smacked that final six? Will clapping like thousands of others not throw a challenge to his neutrality?

As per the modern trend, based on the viral video, people on social media have been trolling the 33-year-old mercilessly, accusing him of disrespecting the Indian national flag. But the patriotic people of India are not at all surprised at Shah's refusal to take the national flag, because it is the BJP and Sangh Parivar's habit to distance themselves from the tricolor and it is many generations old. Shah's refusal to take the national flag in his hand was an insult to the country's 139 crore population.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee


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