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Letters to the Editor: The unsung legends

Sometimes, it makes me go crazy how our past historians ignored and neglected ultimate heroes, as a result, they were lost in oblivion.

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital Desk

The unsung legends

Sometimes, it makes me go crazy how our past historians ignored and neglected ultimate heroes, as a result, they were lost in oblivion. One such legend is Kondazi Farzand, a Maratha warrior. When Great Shivaji wanted to conquer Panhala Fort, but he was taken aback due to the demise of his 'Fighting Machine' TANAJI MALUSARE. Then came forward a pupil of Tanaji and his name was KONDAZI FARZAND. When Shivaji asked him how many men do he need to capture the Panhala fort, Kondazi Farzand replied with a bang and said 60. He wanted 60 men with a highly skilled Army of only Marathas. Kondazi managed to secure the fort with just 60 highly dedicated and skilled soldiers and defeated 2500 Mughal Army in just a 3.5-hour-long battle. Such was the valour of the legend.

Greats like Lachit Barphukan, Tanaji Malsure, Kondazi Farzand, Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib, Uyyalawada Narshimha Reddy and many more have hardly found space in the school history books. Since independence, there has always been a deliberate attempt to glorify Mughal kings. They are projected as secular, brave, competent, larger than the life image. When it came to Cholas, Mauryas, Ahoms, Marathas, Rajputs, Sikhs and a few others, they hardly found space. Most of the kings of these kingdoms or dynasties were marked as inferior to Mughals in every respect. Today some crap politician like Aminul Islam dares to comment on Maa Kamakhya temple. Leave alone Aurangzeb, his father didn't have the courage and capacity to capture or rule Asom. Then, how come Aurangzeb allotted land to Maa Kamakhya Temple. Already, Aminul Islam had earlier said that Miya people came to Assam before the Ahoms. The author of the book (which was quoted by controversial Dhing MLA) on whose basis he dared to comment on Maa Kamakhya history should be booked for distorting history. There is a big factory of the leftist brigade which is continuously working 24x7 to deface and distort Indian history and Sanatan civilization.

Julie Bhuyan,


Urban-rural divide

It's felt that the urban-rural divide can be bridged by ensuring the prosperity of an entire region. For this, drastic steps need to be taken to bring urban and rural economies closer together. Undeniably, stronger connections between the urban and rural areas are a must to improve regional economic performance. The huge differences in the availability of physical and social infrastructure in rural and urban areas need to be reduced. Also, development in rural areas must be expedited through proper and adequate provision of infrastructure. Government should take initiatives to help urban and rural communities build collaborative partnerships for economic development.

It needs to prioritize reduction in poverty and unemployment in rural areas. Besides, public healthcare infrastructure should be made sufficient. Quality educational institutions must be set up within the reach of poor rural people. The benefits of the government schemes for rural development should reach the target population. All sectors must be integrated so that the benefits of tremendous economic growth percolate down to all parts of society.

Dipen Gogoi,

Teok, Jorhat

Royal combination

From students' point of view, Royal Combination means Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics in their TDC course. With the installation of the Modi government at the Centre a new combination often called the Royal Combination took place in the national security scenario. It is a known fact that PM Modi has always put the right person at the right place at right time. Accordingly, he put Ajith Doval as a chief security adviser, Late General Rawat as CDS, a new post which was as usual criticized by our oppositions comprising mainly INC, SP and the Leftists who have scant concern for the nation's security as their party and our neighbour concern was and are above the nation. On one occasion, we still remember when an Opposition leader named Sanjay Raut of Shiv Sena abused him as a 'Sadak ka gunda', which meant street goon. On many past occasions, India was always at the receiving end of Pakistan's policy of hitting below the belt as seen in Mumbai 26/11 terror attack, Parliament attack and before that Kargil invasion. The then UPA government under Manmohan Singh was a mute spectator to ISI's misadventures even though our Armed forces were itching for revenge. But with Ajith Doval and with General Bipin Rawat at government disposal, India started hitting back with the vengeance of any Pakistan's misadventure, the ploy Israel follows. Indian army took an eyeball-to-eyeball attitude towards China which has lifted the morale of our armed forces. In Kashmir too, the army was given a free hand to deal with the Pakistani insurgents and homegrown terrorists. Lt. CDS believed that one has to break an egg to make an omelette. As a loyal soldier, Lt. CDS RAWAT was only answerable to his master and called spade a spade and he got things done even at the receiving ends of the opposition's tirade. The massive public ovation that General Rawat received at his funeral should give someone like Sanjay Rout a bloody nose.

Dr Ashim Chowdhury,


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