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Letters to the Editor: Urban Naxal and Taliban

The CPI (Maoist) is one of the deadliest terror outfits on the planet and was ranked 6th in the global list of terror groups in 2019.

Letters to the Editor

Sentinel Digital Desk

Urban Naxal and Taliban

The CPI (Maoist) is one of the deadliest terror outfits on the planet and was ranked 6th in the global list of terror groups in 2019. The top five other terror outfits in that list are Taliban (Afghanistan), Al-Shabaab (Africa), Boko Haram (Africa), Communist Party of Philippines. The report had also mentioned India as fourth most terror-hit country after Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. It noted that 'weakness' in intelligence sharing negatively impacted state and central law-enforcing agencies 'in countering terror in India'. It further revealed that during 2018 CPI (Maoist) is involved in killing of more than 300 people countrywide. Other than CPI-Maoist (call Naxals), the country bled through Jaish-e-Mohammed, Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkae-e-Tayyiba.

With the UP elections lined up early next year the urban Naxals would become active and try to create unrest in the country and do their best to blame everything on the RSS, VHP and the Modi government. Over the years it has proven numerous times that the CPI (Maoist) are continuously funded by foreign agencies to create internal disturbances in the country.

Julie Bhuyan,


Private school matters

While applauding the verdict of the High Court to private schools to allow students to attend classes online or offline irrespective of the status of payment of fees, I am of the view that no parent wants to keep the fees of their wards pending unless there is a major financial issue.

Corona has literally put a very heavy impact on the financial health of most of the parents. Through your esteemed newspaper, I would like to request these private schools to kindly consider things with a humane heart and allow students to sit for their half-yearly exams or any other exams irrespective of the payment status. That way the already fragile mental health of students who have been confined to their homes since long will not get affected.

The results may be kept pending till the clearance of dues by the parents. Also, some schools have charged laboratory fees etc., during admission time this year which can perhaps be waived off.

Purabi Pathak Barua,


The winner takes it all

In countries like India, citizens are obsessed with sports. Approximately 90 per cent of Indians either like to play or watch sports. They are often found glued to television.

Recently, the Tokyo Olympics was held, which attracted the whole world. And if anyone wins a gold medal, he/she is placed next to God. He is often given monetary funds as rewards and gifts. So far, Neeraj Chopra has been awarded nearly $2 million.

In Manipur, there is no social protection for those who dedicate their lives to a career in sports. The Manipur government spent Rs 1 crore on felicitating Neeraj Chopra. Instead of this, if the government had spent the money on sports resources, it would have proved to be beneficial to other sportspersons. Despite the hard work and sincere efforts of other Olympians, like the Indian women's hockey team, they received no appreciation except sympathy.

Aaditya Dutta


Role of journalists

The fundamental objective of journalism is to objectively or neutrally highlight an incident as it happened, at least to try who is good, who is bad, who is hero, who is culprit, what happened and what should have happened, and not to analyse them. If subjective critics are to be done, they will be limited to the editorial's page.

If a news media is seen doing these things on the main news page, then it is necessary to understand that they are in the allowance of imperialists and supremacists, basically, journalism is not their primary objective. The word 'journalist' is a shield of their mischief.

Pranjal Kalita,

Cotton University.

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