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Me time

It has been years, since my birth, that life has been so carelessly careless. Time kept on moving and I never


Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  1 July 2020 4:05 AM GMT

It has been years, since my birth, that life has been so carelessly careless. Time kept on moving and I never realized when I grew up, became an adult and now a mother to two young daughters. Life was going on in a robotic form with no stop in between. No time for leisure to sit down, stare at the greenery around, the beautiful creation of God in the form of birds and trees. Always in a hurry to keep up with the commitments, I have no me time. As a woman, we basically juggle from one chore to another. At times trying to fit up to the standards as laid down by the society…to be a good wife, mother and so on.

But then, the lockdown was imposed and life came to a standstill and the busy life of Guwahati came to a halt.

Everything became quiet. I was quite afraid of the stillness around me and it took around 2 weeks to come to terms with the lockdown, an event that I had never imagined.

Slowly, I began to look at life in a different way. I started to take care of the small things that I overlooked. I noticed the beautiful different coloured hibiscus intently for the first time in our front garden for some time. And it was a sight to behold. In our back, we have a small kitchen garden. A few days back before lockdown, my husband and the caretaker planted some seeds. Two years back, we had also planted 2 lemon trees and during this period, we could have at least 40 lemons from our backyard. Pumpkin, dupor tenga, guava, white gourd, kosu, sewali phool are some which I can boast of as of now. I cannot thank Mother Nature enough. Nothing can beat nature. The smile and contentment that it brings to me cannot be explained. It can soothe the mind. It has taught me that even in Guwahati, a small kitchen garden can help us tremendously in such times.

We see lots of aggression around us these times. Gardening can, perhaps, help us to channelize those feelings of turmoil inside.

And the pandemic had at least taught us to be grounded, to dig our roots so deep into the ground and entwine with one another in such a way that our younger generation can have a stable life ahead irrespective of any situation life throws them into. We will have to balance our life between modernity and tradition.

Purabi P Barua,


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