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Of The SGBG, GDA, And Two Bureaucrats....

Of The SGBG, GDA, And Two Bureaucrats....

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  18 Jun 2015 12:00 AM GMT

Of late, we a group of concerned citizens, have noticed some strange happenings in Guwahati, and we have very strong reasons to believe that all that meets the eye isn’t true or correct.

Firstly, we would like to bring to everyone’s notice that the President, Save Guwahati Build Guwahati (SGBG) and the Chairman, Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) is one and the same person. Most of us are aware of the fact that both the SGBG and the GMDA are two separate entities with radically different views, and that the same person is holding on to both the posts is a clear case of conflict of interests.

Secondly, the President of SGBG in his new position these days is ostensibly more interested in building Guwahati than saving it. Without any rhyme or reason, he announced the demolition of bin Chandra Bordoloi Hall and stated that it will be replaced by a modern two storied structure. After he was pressurised to abandon the idea of replacing the historical building, with all his 'sagacity' he now wants to utilise the open space between the ‘heritage’ building and the boundary wall on the southern side for construction. Having gone through the various reports that have been published in different newspapers, we feel that the entire matter revolves around spending of INR 2 crores available with the GMDA any which way, and has nothing to do with anything even remotely associated with the betterment of Guwahati, which ought to be the GMDA's single point agenda.

Thirdly, we have also noticed from a distance the proximity of two very proactive bureaucrats, one hailing from south India and the other from north India, to the top brass of GMDA. We have ussailable reasons to believe that these two gentlemen are out destroy what remains of Guwahati, and the GMDA under its present leadership is playing into their hands. Is there a tacit understanding between the GMDA and these two 'babus'?

The track record of GMDA has hardly ever been laudable, and under the present leadership it is only deteriorating further. Not too long ago in the past, the GMDA was on a massive chest thumping mission, crying itself hoarse about the number of illegal warehouses it had demolished in the Pamohi area on the southern fringes of the city, but we wonder why that demolition drive was stopped. Is it because of the intervention of a leader of the ruling party?

When there is a conscious and sustained effort globally to save heritage and culture, it is evident that residents of Guwahati have to put up with a GMDA led by a man that apparently does not understand the importance of heritage and culture in our racial history. We can expect things to get worse from here.

Fourthly, we humbly suggest to the government to fix an upper age limit for the post of the Chairman of GMDA. Even the Chief Justice of India has to retire at the age of 65 years. We are sure these rules are there for good reasons and the state government will do well to fix the age limit of the GMDA chairman.

We are a casual group of citizens that are concerned about the way

Guwahati is going.

Qui vident,

Guwahati 781001.

Why Maggi & Wai Wai only?

In context of the recent ban imposed by Government of Assam on popular instant noodles brand Maggi and Wai Wai, I would like to question the authorities concerned as to why only these two brands have been banned for containing Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) beyond permissible limit? It is a matter of fact that MSG is very harmful especially for children but why only ban two such food items, whereas MSG use is rampant in food dishes served in all the food joints, restaurants, etc of the state. the government must take immediate measures to ban the selling of MSG in Assam, otherwise banning one or two food items containing MSG will not serve any purpose.

Arup Saikia,

Bhagaduttapur, Beltola, Guwahati-28.

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