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Violence in the capital

India’s capital has seen the worst kind of violence in recent times. It reminds one of the kind of violence that had gripped Delhi in 1984 after then...


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Guwahati, Criminal-hati

Guwahati, historians say, had derived is a name from the fact that in olden times it was a cluster of haati (villages) where the people grew guwa or betel-nut...


A date to remember

  The 24th of February is a very significant day for Assam. It was on this day way back in 1826 that Assam – primarily the Ahom kingdom which had covered...


We are caught in a bookish debate

  D.C. Pathak (The writer is a former Director Intelligence Bureau) Politics, nationhood and governance are all about people – theories of these concepts...

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SOPD funds

  Failure to utilize allotted funds is not new in Assam. Such reports are reported every year. It is seen that improvement has been made barring a few...


Illegal migrants in NRC

It is common knowledge that names of a sizeable number of illegal migrants have found their way into the NRC by various fraudulent means. In many cases there...


Dreams of Congress

While the protests against the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act has entered its tenth week, a section of people opposing the Act are also beginning to...