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Perceiving the truth

To reach the truth is not so simple. What we think is only our perception. It might not be the truth.


Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  29 Jan 2023 5:07 AM GMT

Dr. Suman Bharali


To reach the truth is not so simple. What we think is only our perception. It might not be the truth. Therefore, we should not judge a person or situation too early. We develop a lens of external influences around our vision. We see the world through that lens. Our parents and forefathers affect us according to their influences. The time and space we live in influences our intellect. The friends we have, the people we spent time with and interact, our family members, neighbours, our community and country all influence us. Due to globalization people and situations in any part of the world can influence us. Our education system, our work environment, media and social media all influence us. So, we have gathered several layers of influences around us which prevent us from perceiving the reality.

The universe has everything in it. We find what we search for according to what is in our mind. If it is full of greed and lust, we will try to take as much as we can and exploit others. If we are full of love and compassion, we will give love and be compassionate will every living being we come across. We will feel the pain others are in and help them getting better. One who is not content cannot give anything to others. Only when one is full and content can he or she share it with others. One whose searches for himself/herself can't give it to others.

When one detaches from external influences one by one and drops all ego layers gathered over time, one is liberated and can perceive the truth as it is. When one reaches such unadulterated pure core then he or she becomes peaceful, content and become unbiased towards everyone and becomes one. This is leap from person to universal form. The union of atma and paramatma. This is Yoga. At this stage all distractions are dropped and one finds their potential and utilizes it to the maximum for the betterment of the world. Such persons become best in what they do by constant dedicated selfless acts without bothering about the people's opinion or the result. Bringing out their best is the only motive. Everyone is benefited by such actions. Others follow their footsteps to reach the truth.

To get rid of the layers of influences and ego, one has to be shaken hard. Some life events, loss or setback often do it for a person, where he or she is forced to look at life from another angle to find new meaning in it. Thus, some adversities and failures help us become stronger and wiser. Our mind is very powerful. It can lead us to do anything. So, we need to be aware of our thoughts and emotions and not to be carried away by them. Rather, we should pause the mind for some time and do what is right. When we can overpower our mind and thoughts and not become delusional by our emotions, we become extremely powerful and unshakeable.

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