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Problem of fire extinguishing

fire extinguishing

It is observed that most of the people do not abide by fire safety norms. As a result, many untoward incidents, even tragic death, as well as the destruction of property happen. The recent tragic death of two little children in a devastating fire at their Beltola residence on January 23 in Guwahati is a reminder. But nobody seems to have been touched by the vital issue as to how we can we prevent such incidents from recurring. There are a large number of commercial establishments without fire extinguishers though it is mandatory for running such business. There is no supervision from the municipal corporation, town committees or the state fire service organization on such violation of rules and regulations.

I would, therefore, like to request the Government and the State fire service and emergency organization to make it mandatory to install a portable fire extinguisher in every residence, commercial establishment, apartment, individual house. Further NGOs can motivate people on this through awareness programmes.

Putul Sarma

Biswanah Crialiali