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‘Rape in India’

Agitation against CAA

By coming up with the terminology ‘Rape in India’, Rahul Gandhi has not committed any wrong as he has very rightly tried to draw attention of the Central authorities about the ever-increasing vulnerability of the women folk in ‘New India’!  Have the ‘righteous’ leaders of the BJP forgotten their own reaction following the Nirbhaya gang rape-cum-murder in 2012 when the Who’s Who of the party had launched a severe verbal attack on the then Congress-led UPA Government alleging it’s ‘drastic failure’ in protecting the dignity and lives of women! Now that they are in Central pedestal, BJP leaders are not ready to accept any responsibility towards failure in reining the epidemic of sexual violence in the country!  Instead they are distorting the spirit of Rahul’s candid statement in order to sweep their own failures under the carpet! Nothing can be more tragic and sadder than this!

BJP has long ago expertised itself in ‘inventing’ truth out of utter falsehood by zealously shouting at the top of the voice in a consistent basis! So despite deluge of contrary opinion, we have come to know the ‘ultimate truth’ – ‘All have welcomed Demonetization/Kashmir saga/Ayodhya verdict/NRC-CAA’! Whenever hard questions are asked revolving their failure on any front; rather than attempting to disprove it through logic, they try to divert attention of people by taking resort to theatrics like “I am being targeted because I am a person of ‘low caste’/Gujarati/woman”!

Kajal Chatterjee,

Peerless Nagar, Kolkata-114