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‘Salary burden hits State’s Development’


We have been noting with concern that the development works in Assam have been receiving a severe setback for want of adequate funds. This speculation of ours is corroborated by a news item published in your esteemed daily, (The Sentinel, August 18) under the head, ‘Salary burden hits state’s Development’. We learnt from the report that the total budgetary allocation for the year 2019-20 is Rs. 98,000 crore and of this, around Rs. 43,500 crore- Rs.28,000 crore for employees’ salary and pension, Rs.15,000 crore for office expenses, Rs.500 crore for travelling allowance etc. which is a mandatory expenditure. From the figures, it is clear that after meeting the salary-related expenses, a meagre amount is left for development works and other expenses. We find no difference between the present NDA government led by BJP and the erstwhile Congress government insofar as development works are concerned. Now, we can understand well as to why the roads and many bridges that are in a deplorable condition cannot be given a facelift. People of Assam reposed much confidence on BJP while electing the party to power. The party must show its mettle to hammer out a solution and ensure restoration of development works in the State.

Ashok Bordoloi,



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