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Self-defence classes for girls

Clause 6

This is about making self-defence classes mandatory for students in all educational institutions. In today’s date, sexual harassment is a burning issue in our country. Almost every other day, cases of harassment are taking place in India. Security of women has become a major issue nowadays. The cases of rape and gang rape are increasing rapidly. Where the world is talking about equality, a girl cannot even park her vehicle on the roadside without risking her safety. India especially has become a ‘rape prone’ country. Most of the times, the victim is blamed and no action is taken against the accused. Since, rapidly increasing brutality against women has become a normal thing, we need to take some serious measures to protect girls in this country. One of the measures could be introducing self-defence classes for students in every institute. Along with the system of ‘mandatory 75% attendance’, the authorities should also add ‘mandatory self-defence classes’. I would therefore like to request the authorities concerned to take note of this safety measure and try to execute it for the safety of girls.

Susmita Baruah