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Sorry Australia, we couldn’t save you

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  12 Oct 2017 12:00 AM GMT

Sorry Australia, we couldn’t save you

First and foremost, we condemn the unfortute incident which took place on Tuesday night at Guwahati while the Australian cricket team was returning from Barsapara stadium to Radisson Blu hotel. We think everyone came to know about the incident. Aaron Finch, player of Australian cricket team, tweeted regarding the miscreants’ attack. As per reports, a glass pane of Australian team’s bus was broken by some deviant people.

Now, we want to discuss briefly about the unfortute incident. We, the people of Assam were hoping for best performance from Team India in the first intertiol match at Barsapara stadium between India and Australia. No need to mention that we Assamese people are always interested in sports. Though players from Assam can’t get chance to play in the tiol team, we always show our love and affection to the tiol team whether it is cricket or football.

The people of Assam have been serving commendably the atithis who come to Assam. We don’t lack in providing hospitality to the guest. No such incident took place before this. Many people have condemned this incident on social media. The minsters of Assam government have also apologized to the Australian cricket team. Both teams were welcomed in traditiol way at Lokapriya Gopith Bordoloi Intertiol Airport, Guwahati. Including all the players and staffs of both teams, the vice-captain of Australian cricket team, David Andrew Warner, was also seen in a pleasurable mood with Assam’s pride jaapi and phoolam gamusa.

Now, a question comes to my mind that we treated them in a unique way and bid farewell by throwing stones at their bus. Did the Australian team expect this from us? Why did we prove to them that till now we are junglees? For two or three persons, entire Assam will suffer due to this incident. BCCI may cancel all games in Assam for many years.

Do you remember the attack on the Sri Lankan tiol cricket team that occurred on March 3, 2009, when a bus carrying the cricketers were fired upon by 12 gunmen near the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan? After that incident, cricket teams have been refusing to play in Pakistan.

A similar incident has now occurred in our State for the first time. The black sheep of our society attacked a bus carrying Australian cricketers. We never expect such types of activities. Game is a part of amusement. One will win and the other will lose. It is a universal truth. So, we have to consider the results intellectually, not emotiolly. The Australian team played well. Therefore, they won the match. New pitch, new stadium and other problems created barrier for Team India to win the match. We should not think that Australia defeated India so we will attack the team out of emotion. We think 99.9% sport lovers don’t do this. Distorted people perpetrate such kind of activities.

On Wednesday morning, when we woke up and came to know about the incident, we were shocked. Some people said it is a conspiracy to lessen the goodwill for BJP government in Assam. Some blamed the security cover for the T20 match. Some have urged the people of Assam to act like gentlemen, not wild animals. If someone had done this for political benefit, then it is not a good sign for the State. We want to request the Assam Government or the concerned authorities to take necessary steps for investigating the incident and punish the culprits. Assam is growing day-by-day. But, this type of activities compel the government or concerned authorities to cancel some events for security reasons in the State.

It is good news that two suspected stone pelters have been arrested by Assam Police. We know that it is not easy to find the real culprits from a huge gathering. Justice should be given to the Australian cricket team. So, we urge Assam Government to do necessary investigation for finding the culprits. Whether they may be supporters of the Indian team or some political party, they should get punishment under Indian law. Sadly, the incident has damaged the image of Assam.

Amlan Jyoti Saikia,


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