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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  3 Dec 2017 12:00 AM GMT

Long ago, there lived in Turkey a youth med Nicholas. While still a teeger, he had inherited a vast fortune, but had no idea what to do with it. Filly he decided to help those less fortute than himself. He had to do this secretly though, for his townspeople were proud.

So Nicholas would disguise himself and set out at night to make the wishes of others come true, delivering packets of food, clothing, money or other items at their doorstep. In particular, he felt a close bond with a struggling family trying hard to marry off its three daughters. So when the wedding of the eldest daughter was nearing, Nicholas left a bag of gold coins on the father’s doorstep. When the second daughter was to get married, he threw another bag of gold down their chimney.

It was a happy and grateful family that now began to prepare for the youngest daughter’s wedding. But the father was curious to know who their kind benefactor had been, and desperately wanted to thank him from the bottom of his heart. As expected, a bag of gold came flying through their open window. The father, who had been standing guard throughout all these nights, gave chase and caught up with the mysterious stranger.

Embarrassed, Nicholas begged the father not to reveal his identity to the townspeople. The father promised to keep the secret, but a day came when he had to break his word. After all, here was a man intent on sharing his wealth with others, for he had already discovered at a young age the joy of giving. It was too wonderful a secret to keep to oneself.

Soon the entire town came to know that Nicholas was behind the events that had brought happiness to so many. Thus grew the legend of Nicholas, a man who verily embodied the spirit of kindness, generosity and benevolence that was almost Godlike. In his honour, countries throughout the world celebrate Saint Nicholas’ Day in December. And it is children, so near to God in their innocence and sense of wonder, who experience the joy of receiving gifts on this magical day.

—the harbinger

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