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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  18 Feb 2018 12:00 AM GMT

There once lived a man med Amrita, who wished to avoid death above everything else. He practiced austerities for long years to please the God of Death. Filly, Lord Yama granted him a vision.

“I appear only before those at their moment of death or during their journey to the nether world. Yet I am allowing you to see me while still living, for your pences have pleased me,” said Lord Yama.

Amrita replied: “If death is inevitable, I seek a favour of you. Send me a message before I am to die, so that I can make provisions for my family and prepare myself for the next life with proper sadha and worship of Krish”. Lord Yama granted the boon and disappeared.

Years passed. Amrita’s hair began to turn grey all at once. But the pleasures of life were beckoning and desire was strong in him. Since no message was yet forthcoming from Lord Yama, he thought it right to carry on with his indulgence.

More years went by, and Amrita’s teeth began to fall out. Wise old people advised him to begin spiritual practices and use his accumulated wealth to help others in need. But he refused to pay heed, for after all, no letter had yet come from the God of Death.

The time came when Amrita’s eyesight started to fail. However, he was not done with the pleasures of the flesh. Feeling that time was still in his hands, he craved for more of the sensual life.

As he grew wrinkled and bent, Amrita’s back gave way one day. Before long, he lay paralyzed. He still felt happy, for Lord Yama had not yet given any intimation of his time of arrival.

But that fateful moment did come. All of a sudden, the God of Death was standing beside Amrita. Overwhelmed with fear, Amrita could only stare dimly at the terrible vision. Through buzzing ears, he heard Lord Yama say: “Your time has come, my friend. You have suffered greatly in this life. Today, I have come to take you with me.”

Trembling, Amrita croaked: “But my lord, you have broken your promise! Didn’t you grant me the boon of informing me in advance about your arrival?”

“Amrita! You spent all your life indulging your senses, so how could you know the messages I sent you? In fact, I sent you not one but four. But you ignored all,” Lord Yama replied sternly.

And then the God of Death reminded Amrita of the four messages — when his hair had turned grey, then his teeth fell out, followed by his eyesight dimming, and filly paralysis of body.

Verily, it is wise to prepare for the spiritual life without waiting for such messages. Lord Yama can come visiting any time. Humans just need to realize they are spiritual beings having a fleeting earthly existence…

—the harbinger

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