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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  18 March 2018 12:00 AM GMT

Sultan Bahauddin Walad was the eldest son of Jalal al-Din Rumi, the great Persian poet and Sufi mystic. After Rumi’s death, Sultan Walad gathered the followers (murids) and organized the Mawlawiya order to propagate his father’s teachings. Once, during a discourse, he recollected his father thus:

“One day, a group of distinguished men came to visit my father. That day he became quite passiote as he explained certain aspects of mysticism. ‘O Bahauddin, if you wish to be in Paradise forever, be a friend to everyone and never hold malice towards anyone in your heart,’ he had said, and then recited:

"Don’t ask for more; don’t be superior to others; be like balm and candle, not a stinging needle.

If you don’t want evil to come to you from anyone, don’t speak evil, teach evil, or even think evil of anyone.

When you speak with goodwill about others, you will always be happy, and this happiness is paradise itself. If you speak with bitterness about someone, you harbor anger, and this anger is hell itself.

When you remember your friends, the garden of your heart blooms with happiness, filling with roses and basil.

If you speak of enemies, thorns and skes enter the garden of your heart, and you grow tired and wither.

All the prophets and saints (May peace be with them) have realized this and acted accordingly.

Their fellow human beings, overwhelmed by their beautiful character, are drawn to their kindness and willingly, happily, follow their path.”

On another occasion, Rumi taught his son about the everlasting greatness of the prophets. “O Bahauddin, know that the body of the prophets, the saints, and their friends will never perish. A seed thrown into the earth may appear to die and disappear, however, at the end of a few days it comes to life and grows into a flourishing tree. In a similar way, the body of the prophets and the saints will also come to life again.”

—the harbinger

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