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This month Bhada

The current month of Bhada is one of the most interesting months in the Indian calendar.

This month Bhada

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  4 Sep 2022 5:01 AM GMT

The current month of Bhada is one of the most interesting months in the Indian calendar. Fifth in the series of months which begins with Bohag (Vaishakh in Sanskrit), Bhada, as the Assamese call it, is known by different names in different Indian languages, all derived from the original Sanskrit Bhadrapada, with Bhadra in Sanskrit meaning welfare. The Bengalis call it Bhadra or Bhadrapad, while the Punjabis call it Bhadon. In Odiya, they know this month as Bhadraba, in Hindi Bhado. This month has a lot of significance for Indians and is often referred to as the month for devotion. But while it is considered the best month for devotion, bathing and worship, certain activities, like the construction of a house, marriage, engagement and any other auspicious work are prohibited in this month. Krishna was born on the eighth day of Krishna paksha of this month, while Radha was born on the eighth day of Shukla paksha. Ganesh Chaturthi is another event which falls this month. For the Assamese, this is a special month because of the tirobhav tithi (death anniversary) of the great saint-reformer Mahapurush Srimanta Sankaradeva as also the abirbhav tithi (birth anniversary) of another great Vaishnava saint Sri Harideva. With so many significant events falling in this month, naamghars across Assam are agog with Naam-prasanga during Bhada, singing of naam itself being one of the great gifts of Srimanta Sankaradeva to the Assamese people. Another important significance of this month is that people should have to practice patience and instil discipline in life, two qualities which lead to success. One should also avoid oily, spicy and non-vegetarian food. No wonder Srimanta Sankaradeva had introduced the consumption of soaked grams and fruits during this month. Taking a look at Assamese culture and language, one finds that a male person born in Bhada is often referred to as Bhadiya, with some also giving this name the name Bhadiya. Then, there are also two phrases in Assamese which have emerged from Bhada. The first is "Bhaba-mahiya kauri" ('kauri' meaning crow - a crow of the month of Bhada) which refers to one who enjoys speaking ill of others. And the second one is "bhadat koli-garu joga" (literally meaning birth of a black calf in Bhada), which refers to something happening portending evil.

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